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Cauli Le Chat
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pucker Up!

Pucker up and get ready for feline smooches!  I think we should have a kissing booth at the Summer Reading BigBash on May 27.  Who should be the kisser?  Well, now, that should be obvious.

It's a fundraiser, see?  You, the kissee, pay moi, the kisser, and youse gets a nice big sugar on yer cheek. (How'd I go from Bronx accent, to legalese, to French, and then back to Bronx again?  James Whitcomb Riley was right when he told Booth Tarkington to avoid dialect unless he developed a better ear for it.  Of course, Meredith Nicholson, Indiana lawyer-turned-novelist, was proud that he spoke the Hoosier dialect without accent.  Read The House of a Thousand Candles [first published in 1905] sometime; you'll enjoy it.  Lots of people did; it was a huge bestseller in its day.  My Library has a copy, as do several others in Evergreen Indiana.)

But I digress.

If we don't do the kissing booth, then I'll have to think of something else for the Summer Reading BigBash for moi to do.  I'm a huge draw, you see, so we need to take advantage of that, eh, Broadway Gal?

My Smooches Are Scratchy, So You Get a Bath, Too,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Summer Reading News Beat

P.S.  I couldn't find a share-alike video of Patty Larkin singing "Pucker Up" (1993, from her album I'm Fine), so our musical closer will opt today for another fantastic country/rock song, "Passionate Kisses" (1989) by Lucinda Williams, from her self-titled album (1988).  (Well, Larkin is considered folk/blues, but I'm hair-splitting again.  Actually, so is Williams--considered folk/blues, too, as well as rock and country.  I didn't mean she was hair-splitting.  These sentence structures are getting the best of me.  Time for a nap.)

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