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Cauli Le Chat
Cauli Le Chat, MPL Roving Reporter

Friday, May 27, 2011

Great Fun Was Had By All

Everybody who attended last night's Teddy Bear Sleepover had great fun.  I was present to report on the action as it unfolded, at least for the overnight portion of the event.  Scowl-Face took some half-decent photos during the caregivers' party--Wild Thang took better pictures later--and so let's post a few pix.

SAFs Making Some Pretty Cool Music

Although called the Teddy Bear Sleepover, all stuffed animal friends (SAFs) and their caregivers were welcomed.  Wild Thang led the group in some pretty nifty dancing--the highlight being the "partner-tossing" portion of the dance--and SAFs and caregivers showed some quick-stepping dance moves.  A banana snack, rolled in tasty treats, followed.  Apparently, Wild Thang forgot to save me a plate, but that's okay; we roving reporters are busy getting the facts squared away for our stories, so there's often no time to eat.

Next on the agenda was beanbag-bucket tossing.  This is a difficult task to master, but the young caregivers and their SAFs were ready for the challenge.  There was great excitement when a beanbag hit its mark.  We have photos, but we don't have parental permission to post them here, so we'll move along to the napping portion of the festivities.

Partying Tires You Out, For Sure

Unfortunately, we don't have sufficient space for all the photos, but these typify the proceedings.  Each SAF caregiver took home a custom-made bed and sleeping bag/blanket, courtesy of the Decorinator and Wild Thang, who carefully crafted each by hand.  That was pretty swell, I must say!

Pooh was on-hand to promote summer reading

Various celebrity bears, such as Winnie-the-Pooh, were present to promote summer reading.  They, too, enjoyed the festivities.

Overall, it was a most successful party and sleepover.  We're looking forward to more in the future.  Congratulations, Wild Thang.  Very well done!

Still, a Snack for Moi Would've Been Nice,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Sleepover Party News Beat

P.S.  A perfect party song is "Splish Splash" (1958), by Bobby Darin, from an undated television performance (which was probably 1958).

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