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Cauli Le Chat
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Slobberdog Rain Gear

Although, in my previous posting, I showed a couple of photos featuring a "dogbrella" and a slobberdog in a slicker, some of my slobberdog-loving readers asked for additional pictures of fashionable canine rain gear.  We aim to please, so here you go.

 Looks like my late pal, Shiloh (sniff!)

Come on, now--Does anybody honestly think this would work?

Kinda Cute, Actually

Raincoats, or slickers, like the one above are, admittedly, sorta cute on a slobberdog such as the one pictured.  Some of these outfits, however, seem to turn rainstorms on their heads.  Consider exhibit one for the plaintiff.

Rain falls from the sky, not the ground, Einstein

Only a human could think of a raincoat that leaves a slobberdog's back, head, and tail exposed.  I could, however, see a slobberdog wearing that if s/he were wading or swimming through high water.  Perhaps the tail area is left exposed for other, necessary reasons.  'Nuff said.

Truly Functional Slobberdog Slicker

This one makes solid sense.  Attach the leash, and your slobberdog is good to go, regardless of precipitation.  Dryness is all but assured, which is vitally important, because nothing, and I mean nothing, smells worse than a wet slobberdog.

You people can get in on the act, too.  There are slobberdog umbrellas (i.e., umbrellas that look like slobberdogs).

Complete With Dopey Expression

There are even "hands-free" umbrellas for people.  Are they suave, sophisticated, and stylish?  Ask a silly question . . .

Need I Say More?

Cute babes (as some of my people acquaintances would say) may improve sales of certain products, but, in this instance, I'd venture not.  Some apparel makes anyone look like a doofus.  We covered that in an earlier blog, but it bears repeating.

Wet Felines Smell Sweet (Thanks, in Two Words, to Personal Hygiene),

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Precipitation News Beat

P.S.  We close with "The Rain Song," by Led Zeppelin, live at Earls Court (1975).

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  1. Wow, funny to see the effort people make to protect their canine friends from the mud and rain!
    Great song by Led Zeppelin!


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