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Cauli Le Chat
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh Boy!! New Blog Features!

by Harley Quinn
MPL "Cub" Reporter
Feline Journalists Division

Hey, everybody!  Cauli's blog, Cat's Eye View (at Mooresville Public Library), but I guess you already knew that because you're reading it right now, so . . . well, the blog has some new, exciting features!  Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!!  Let me tell you all about them.

Along the right side of the blog (at the top) is a video thumbnail strip linked to the MPL YouTube Channel.  Click one of the thumbnails, and a video box pops-up at the head of the blog (it should appear immediately to the left of the thumbnails).  You may watch the video without leaving the blog!  Is that amazing, or what?

Immediately below the video thumbnails is a Follow by Email submission box.  If you would like to follow Cauli's blog (and who wouldn't?), simply type your email address into the box and click the SUBMIT button.  Off goes your request, and soon your email inbox will be absolutely filled to the gills with Cauli wonderfulness.  It's truly that easy!

There's a new background, too.  Remember the photo of Cauli with that feline cupcake book?  (She wrote a blog about it.)   It's now the blog "wallpaper" (the photo, not the blog about the cat cupcake book).  See how dignified and regal Cauli looks!  That's royalty, there, no question about it.

Be sure to subscribe to Cauli's blog, if you haven't already.  There is also a followers' area in which you could subscribe using your Google, Yahoo, Twitter, AIM, Netlog, or OpenID accounts.  I think email subscription is easiest, though; and I don't even have email!

Most Exciting News Since Breakfast,

Harley Quinn
MPL "Cub" Reporter
Feline Journalists Division

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