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Cauli Le Chat
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Friday, April 1, 2011

No April Fooling! It's the First Day in "A" Month

Today is the first day of the month in a month--we haven't seen a day like this since March 1--and since there are only two "A"-months per year, this one's the first.  (That has to be the lamest joke setup ever written in a blog, or anywhere else, for that matter.)

Why should you care, you may well ask?  In case it has escaped your attention, as it did Scowl-Face (but what doesn't?), today is April Fools' Day.  National Geographic has an interesting historical accounting on its website.

What I'd like to know is this:  why isn't my Library doing anything special for this grand unofficial holiday?  Felines will gladly share their universal observation that the world is full of fools, April or otherwise (e.g., slobberdogs, most humans, Harley Quinn [my "cub" reporter], Scowl-Face, etc.).  It would seem a likely day for celebratory events.  My favorite idea would be "library fine amnesty day" on April Fools' Day. If patrons were fool enough to rack-up overdue fines on their accounts, and they visited the Library to check something out on April 1, then their amassed fines would be forgiven (this day only).  What a bold public relations move!

What other library celebrations would be appealing?  How about the MPL staff dressing up in their favorite foolish costumes?  They could wear socks that don't match, or polyester pants, or dopey hats, etc.  Pretty much anything Scowl-Face has in his wardrobe would qualify.

If you've got any great ideas for next April first (it's too late for today, since the day's nearly half over), jot them down in my comments section or drop me an email at (please remember that your suggestions should be both tasteful and family-friendly).  Maybe next year my Library will do something special.  Or April foolish.

No April Fool Myself, But I Work With a Few (Just Kidding!),

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Calendar News Beat

P.S.  At the risk of "foreshadowing" the joke, I invite you to enjoy this fantastic April Fools' Day video.  The math instructor is talking about a book called Flatland.  Naturally, we have a book trailer.


  1. Hey Cauli,

    I hear it's quite fashionable these days to wear mis-matched socks. Although I will have to agree with you when Scowl-face wears a tie with a polo shirt, he does look rather goofy!

  2. Martin Balsam's character in the 1957 movie "Twelve Angry Men" wore a tie with a polo shirt, and nobody called him goofy.


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