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Cauli Le Chat
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nearly 100 Years of Paw Raising, Line Crossing, and Stepping Up to the Plate

Next year, my Library celebrates its 100th anniversary, about which I have previously blogged.  During that (nearly) century of library service, my Library has been blessed with a diligent group of volunteers that has assisted in every imaginable way to improve the quality of resources and services available to the public.  These are decent, hard-working folks who are always first to raise their hands, cross the line in the dirt, step up to the plate, or any of those other metaphoric expressions for volunteer readiness.  Suffice to say that they deliver, every time.  You could set your clock by our volunteers; they are that reliable.

This is National Volunteer Week (April 10-16, 2011).  My Library will be serving our volunteers a thank you luncheon to celebrate their contributions and show our appreciation for all of their hard work and dedication.  I can't show you their photos, since I didn't get advance permission, so we will use some stock images that won't get moi in any licensing hot water.

If That's Coffee in That Mug, I'm a Monkey's Uncle
(Looks Like "Texas Tea," Jed Clampett)

(Go ahead--sing the theme song to the television series The Beverly Hillbillies [1962-1971].  You know you want to.  Check here for lyrical assistance.)

Our Volunteer Celebratory Luncheon is going to be quite a posh affair.  It would have been nice if my Library colleagues had prepared something special from moi to distribute to everyone who gives so generously of his/her time, energy, and skills.  Maybe something like this:

Really Precious Bookmark, But There's Room for Improvement

A bookmark celebrating volunteers and felines is strictly the cat's pajamas, if you'll pardon the cliche.  We felines epitomize cool, and bookmarks are the feather in our coolness cap.  Much as I like the cute drawing on the example above, there's no question that a better bookmark could be created.

The Right Portrait Makes All the Difference

Turpentine?  Asphalt sealant?  It's not coffee; I'm prepared to wager a partially devoured can of tuna-in-oil on that coffee cup photo (above).

Headbutts, Cheekrubs, and Purrs to All of Our Library's GREAT Volunteers,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Helping Hands News Beat

P.S.  For today's closer, we offer what may be too radical of a song for some of my readers, so you get this nifty warning label up front. It's Volunteers by Jefferson Airplane (live at Woodstock, 1969).  I'm down with protest songs--long ago, Scowl-Face and I were hippies and knew peace marches and Haight-Ashbury (for a little while, anyway).  For moi, it was one of my previous nine lives, but Scowl-Face is really that old.

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