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Cauli Le Chat
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Monday, April 11, 2011

"Celebrity" Birthdays @ MPL This Week

Boss Lady and Scowl-Face turn over another year this week.  In feline years, Boss Lady will be 9, and Scowl-Face will be 8.833 (repeating).  Remember that little bar thingee you wrote above repeating decimal numbers back in some kinda math class?  Well, I can't do that in Blogger, so just pretend.

Let's put these ages into some perspective.

They're Older Than These Guys

Not Quite This Old

Well Past Freshness Dates, I'm Thinking
(Especially Scowl-Face--P.U.!)

Scowl-Face and downwind.  Don't go there.  Word to the wise.  (In case there's anybody out there unfamiliar with the expression "P.U.," you can look it up.  "Phew!" for you sensitive sorts.)

In fairness, let me say in all honesty that Boss Lady doesn't look a day over five (in feline years, of course.)  How she manages that trick is some kinda mystery, to be sure.

As my pal Tober would say, talk like this could result in immediate "firement" from the Library staff.  So allow me to insert the word joke at this crucial juncture.  That fixes everything.

Birthdays require some sort of celebratory acknowledgement.  This is it.  Free and readily available on the Internet.  Sorry, but the economy is still bad.

No birthday is complete without the Beatles.

Hoping No "Firements" Result From This,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Graceful Aging News Beat

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  1. Cauli Le Chat,
    You are so creative...and probably asking for "firement"!


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