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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I've Got a Poster, Too! Wanna See?! Wanna See?!!

by Harley Quinn
MPL "Cub" Reporter

Hey, everybody!  I've got a poster, too!  Cauli told you about her poster, but she didn't say a thing about mine.  That hurts my feelings!  (sniff)

Well, I'm going to tell you right now all about it.  The Lady With the Red Hair read me a book last night, and we took a picture and everything, and then we made it into a poster for National Library Week.  You can see how excited I am to be reading my very own book (Donkey-Donkey, by Roger Duvoisin [Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2007, is a recent edition]).

This was the book I was reading!
(a childhood favorite of The Music Man)

TLWRH reading to my-way

[That's Moi, Harley.  French for me.  Not "my-way" (eye-roll). -- Cauli Le Chat.]

Don't we just look so cute reading there?  You people patrons out there should read to your kitties and slobberdogs and bunnies and guinea pigs and birds and fish and . . . .  We like to read along, too!  The pictures are so colorful, and so much is happening, and the words sound really neat.  We like to turn the pages, too.

If you're not blessed with kitties or slobberdogs (or other critters), you could always read to your little children people, if you have one or more.  They seem to enjoy it, too.

Love This Whole Reading Thing Just to Pieces,
Harley Quinn
MPL "Cub" Reporter
Nose-in-a-Book Club News Beat

P.S.  Here's one of our Library's videos promoting reading.  Put your nose in a book today!

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  1. Great. Now I've got "Elly May" to mentor. (Only fans of the television program "The Beverly Hillbillies" [1962-1971] will get that joke.)


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