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Cauli Le Chat
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

National Library Week (April 10-16, 2011): Create Your Own Story @ MPL

National Library Week is April 10-16, 2011.  You should celebrate by reading, and then, to relax, read some more.  You could also read while you're waiting for the week to arrive.

The slogan for this year is "visit your library today and create your own story."  Quoting further from the official American Library Association (ALA) poster:

  • Today’s libraries can help you discover a new and exciting world. Take advantage of the free access to books and computers, homework help, assistance with resumes and job searches, accurate financial information, adult education courses, support for new Americans, CDs, DVDs and much more. Don’t forget, your librarian is information smart and can help you find the right answer @ your library.

I am pleased to be an unofficial spokesperson (ALA doesn't know me from Garfield) promoting this important event at my Library.  Here is my poster, which has been posted (as posters are wont to do) here and there.

I Read; You Read; We All Read for Good Reads
(Sounds better with the "scream for ice cream" phrasing)
Click image to enlarge; feel free to print & distribute to my loyal fans

Visit the American Library Association (ALA) web site to read more about National Library Week.  April is School Library Month, too, so students, visit your school library, as well as your public library.

You may download the official ALA National Library Week poster from here.  Author John Grisham is honorary chair, so he gets his picture on the poster.  Mine is MUCH nicer, because if features moi.  Plus Mr. Grisham has beady eyes (not unusual for lawyers).  So what if he's made a gazillion dollars writing bestsellers?  Okay, that's pretty impressive, I'll admit.  But I'm much cuter, don't you think?  (Exercise caution in answering; I've got sharper claws than Mr. Grisham.)

I'll admit that Mr. Grisham's poster is really nice.  Most importantly, we are all encouraging you folks out there to read! read! read!  Visit your favorite libraries (naming names, I hope ours is at the top of your list) and check out a bunch of books (or DVDs, CDs, playaways, video games, etc.); plus, take advantage of all our other many free resources, programs, and events.  If you can't find it at your library, then you don't really want it.

Not Quite Home, But My Library is Pretty Darn Close to It,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
ALA News Beat

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