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Cauli Le Chat
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day (Really)

Today (January 22) is National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day.  Yes, it truly is, and no, I don't know who decided it.  Now answer some of my questions:
  • Why do my human servants always insist upon parking their blubberousness (not a word, but oughtta be) upon my prized sleeping spot?  Do they not realize that this spot is devoted to my use solely and exclusively?  It couldn't be clearer.  I rubbed my cheeks on the sides of the chair, thereby marking it with my scent.  (Some cats might take stronger measures and "mark their territory" by whizzing on the chair, but that's gauche.)  There are approximately 12 pounds of my loose fur affixed to the upholstery.  The signs are unmistakable.
  • When the food dish is empty, refill it.  Could anything be more self-evident?
  • Why are slobberdogs so spastic?
  • Since felines are the supreme intelligence in the universe (face it, it's true, you know it is), why are there not more kitties pulling down big corporate incomes?  We could really straighten this recession-thing out in the flick of the tail.
  • Do you think spelling V-E-T fools us?  I mean, come on!
  • Would you eat Pâté?  Do you know what that is?  Does that sound delicious to you?

I'd like you kitties reading this to ask your questions in my blog's comments section.   (If you can't work the keys, have your human servant type for you.)  Now is our chance to set forth our inquiries.  Then it's up to you humans to pay attention.  So put down your iPoops or whatever and read what we're saying.

Thanks to CircMaster (she's in the list--you'll have to connect the dots) for her heads-up on this important holiday.

Still With More Questions Than Answers, But Hopeful, Nonetheless,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Q & A News Bureau

P.S.  Henry Beard's French for Cats (see book trailer [below] and previous blog) expressly informs the reader about the sleeping spot.  Read it already and learn something useful.  More useful than that iPoop thingy, I do believe.

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