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Cauli Le Chat
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Egyptian Hieroglyphs and Golden Cats

Cats have been running the show since ancient Egyptian times.  For proof, you need look no further than Hieroglyphs:  Solve the Mystery from Ancient Egypt, by Sean Callery (Kingfisher, 2010) (ISBN 9780753464113).  The book is one of the CodeQuest series of nonfiction historical mysteries in which the reader becomes the central character in these challenging interactive stories.  Readers learn to interpret historical codes, symbols, and pictograms and hone code-breaking skills to follow clues and find answers.

In Hieroglyphs, author Sean Callery presents the reader with a museum displaying one golden Egyptian cat statue.  Its mate has gone missing.  It's up to the reader to find it.  Starting with a display case, the reader searches for clues and must learn to interpret ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to solve the mystery.  The key to Egyptian history, the hieroglyphic record, comes alive in this interesting test of the reader's deductive prowess.  There is an accompanying CD disc.

The book is recommended for readers ages 9-12.  Our book trailer below tells the tale (or tail, since we're talking about cats):

Yep, I'm descended from Pharaohic felines.  Guess I'm a deity.  You may serve me my tuna in oil now.  In a crystal dish, with garnish, thank you very much.

Deserving Royal Treatment,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Bastet Temple News Beat

P.S.  Bastet was an Egyptian sun goddess who was the Pharaoh's guardian and was symbolized by cat figures.

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