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Cauli Le Chat
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Sunday, August 3, 2014

MPL Parade Float Top in Pop

By Harley Quinn
MPL Feline "Cub" Reporter

I am SOOOOO excited to be reporting on the Library's float in today's Old Settlers Parade. My mentor, Cauli Le Chat, doesn't like big crowds, so she assigned me (or, I mean, moi) to handle this exclusive story.  Cauli also ordered her minions to come along to take photos and protect yours truly from all those adoring crowds who would be overwhelmed by my massive cuteness.

Mooresville's annual Old Settlers Festival (August 3-5) begins with the parade, which has many interesting floats and vehicles, as well as humans tossing a ton of candy to onlookers. The Library, however, did one better--MPL staff were throwing bags of popcorn to the crowd from the car. That's in keeping with this year's Library float theme:  Pop into a good book (at the Library).  The float included a mock-up of an enormous popcorn popper with huge bags of popcorn.  Pretty cute, I must say.

Minions, make with the photos.  Click the pictures to bigify.

 Make way for the Library float!

 Miss Bev & Boss Lady carrying the Library banner

 MPL crew tossing bags of popcorn to the crowd

 Real popcorn in the "popper" and bags

 Clever theme, Decorinator & BizMeister

My minions and I had to run really fast to get over to East Main Street from the intersection of North Indiana Street and Washington Street, where we were standing to take the photos above.  We made it in time to capture these pictures below (showing the other side of the float).

 Wave at the camera, Boss Lady

 Right & left sides look alike, pretty much

 Great attention to detail, ladies!

Hey, kid!  That's MY candy you're picking up

This parade had everything--even a marching slobberdog.

Some slobberdogs watched from cooler quarters

The Lady With the Red Hair used to march (in full band uniform) in the Old Settlers Parade when she attended Mooresville High School, back when everyone was a real pioneer around here (must have been at least two centuries ago).  She enjoyed seeing her modern counterparts in today's parade.

And I thought Scowl-Face had a lot of fanny packs

We took lots more photos, but I'm told we're maxing out our available memory storage for a single blog post.  Everybody seemed to have a grand time, especially the youngster humans, who loved all the free candy and Library popcorn.

Your Feline "Cub" Reporter,

for Cauli Le Chat

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