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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More Book Trailers, Savvy, If You Please

Why doesn't Savvy, MPL teen librarian, make more book trailers?  She has rare talents, as you can see with her video about a popular feline children's book.

Whiskers and Rhymes, by Arnold Lobel
(Book Trailer by Savvy, MPL Teen Librarian)

My Library has quite a few book trailers (175 at present count), but we could certainly use more, especially if they are as good as Savvy's above.

I'm thinking that Savvy, being a young adult librarian, should create book trailers about YA titles.  She already reviews such fare in her blog (The Savvy Reader) and her video blog (or vlog), MEG-A-RAE, which she films with Programma Mama, MPL adult programming coordinator.

MEG-A-RAE Vlog Playlist

Book trailers are easy to make--Scowl-Face can do it, thereby proving my point--and it's fun to boot.  Plus, we need some variety on the MPL YouTube Channel.

Fortunately, MPL has its own composer whose music graces nearly all of our videos, such as the "theme song" for MEG-A-RAE, which comes from this album (available to check-out at my Library).  So Savvy would have a readily available soundtrack source for her book trailers-to-be.  It's just a matter of time.  I know Savvy is super-busy, but surely she has time to do something for moi.  And our patrons, of course.

Make with the book trailers, Savvy!  Your talent should blossom before a wider audience.  Our YouTube Channel videos have been viewed (as of right now) 229,030 times (although the public counter lags a couple thousand behind--go figure), so they're reaching somebody besides the family feline or slobberdog.

Your Roving Reporter On The Go,

Cauli Le Chat

P.S.  One of Savvy's social media projects has been to create a Pinterest site for the Library.  She and Programma Mama update it frequently with new, interesting items.  It's well worth your time to take a peek.


  1. But Cauli, I'm so BUSY! I'll try, though, I promise :)


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