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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Meet CircMaster & Wild Thang (Get to Know Series, Part Four)

You have probably already seen Wild Thang's early literacy videos, so you may feel as if you already know her.  We've talked about CircMaster in this blog, too.  But do we really know them as people?  Well, for us felines, people are people.  End of story.  But for humans, some sort of back story is required.

CircMaster with her grandchildren
(click image to bigify)

Wild Thang

Let's begin with favorites. 
  • Favorite Colors:
    • CircMaster:  Purple.
    • Wild Thang:  Blue

Funny story behind WT's color choice.  "My favorite color is blue, which is a bit ironic due to the fact that I was a 'boy' up until the day I was born," Wild Thang told moi.  She has a blue baby blanket that she takes everywhere.  I can relate.  I love sleeping on warm blankets!  Quite cozy, especially when lying in a nice sun patch.

Lately, Wild Thang has been fond of green.  Looks like blue has some competition!  Of course, green is just blue mixed with yellow.
  • Favorite Bands:
    • CircMaster:  Crimson Moonlight (metal band from Sweden).
    • Wild Thang:  New Kids on the Block, 'N Sync, the Eagles, Garth Brooks.

Wild Thang loves country music, and her mother is a huge Eagles fan, which explains the country/rock influences.  She had a middle school crush on the members of 'N Sync.  Who didn't?  New Kids on the Block was her first concert.  We always remember our first live music experience.

CircMaster's musical choice may surprise some readers.  Crimson Moonlight has some free downloadable music on its website, but we can always turn to trusty YouTube.

"Intimations of Everlasting Constancy"
by Crimson Moonlight
(from the CD Veil of Remembrance [2005])

Both Wild Thang and CircMaster live in Morgan County, Indiana (but not in Mooresville).  Wild Thang is a native of the county seat (Martinsville), although she was born in Bloomington and went to college in Greencastle (all Hoosier cities).  CircMaster was born in Portland, Indiana, which is smaller than Mooresville, but still is a swell place, and she resides in Monroe Township west of Mooresville.  She used to live in West Indianapolis.  She must like the West.  Cowgirl thing, maybe.

What were their favorite library memories as klds?

  • CircMaster worked in a library in middle school, and this sparked her interest in the profession.  "I love helping patrons find the right book," she explained.  She has worked at MPL for seven years and has been Circulation Coordinator at MPL for the past 3-1/2 years.

  • Wild Thang spent many childhood days at the main branch of the Morgan County Public Library in Martinsville, where my good friend Morgan the Library Bunny lives and works today (and everyday).  WT's favorite memory partially explains the origin of her nickname.  She "got in trouble for rearranging the books," she admitted.  "Even at a young age, I was a bit of an organizer.  Thus, I decided to take it upon myself to reshelve the books from shortest to tallest.  [This] made sense to my six-year-old brain. . . . I was politely reprimanded while my mother stood there, mortified by my obsessive-compulsive behavior."  The experience must have left a lasting impression of Wild Thang, because I have never seen her reshelving books in that fashion at our Library.

Wild Thang has worked for MPL since June, 2009.  She landed the position two weeks after graduating from DePauw University.  Quite an accomplishment.

While CircMaster's favorite aspect of working at MPL is helping patrons find just what they're looking for or are interested in, Wild Thang's favorite workplace thing is our young patrons.  "I absolutely love coming to work everyday because it is so much fun," she said.  "When I see a baby go from [being] immobile to crawler to walker, I realize how amazingly small children really are.  Daily I remind myself how lucky I am to be able to work with an age group that is constantly learning.  Their little minds are like sponges, and I feel fortunate that I am able to contribute to their early education.  When someone asks my little kids what their [favorite childhood memory of the library] is, I hope they will remember Story Time [and WT's other early literacy programs] and how much fun we had."

Fond memories.  That's a library experience we can all appreciate, thanks in large part to staff like CircMaster and Wild Thang.

More "Get to Know Those in the Know" Next Week,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Library Staff News Beat

P.S. We've already heard/seen a music audio/video for Crimson Moonlight, CircMaster's favorite band. Which of Wild Thang's favorite bands should we include? How about a song with a Hoosier flavor?  "James Dean," by the Eagles, comes from the album On the Border (1974).  "So hungry and so lean."  Sounds like moi.  "I know just what you mean."

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