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Cauli Le Chat
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Pilgrimage to the Big Apple

Buffalo Gal and Tough J Dude agreed to take moi along on their fact-finding (translation: shopping) trip this week to New Jersey and New York City.  It was a grueling 12-hour car ride to get there, but we finally did, and yesterday we visited the Big Apple.  We took a train from New Jersey and started pounding the pavement the minute we hit the station. When you're in New York City, you have to put your head down, set your jaw, put on your most determined face, and plow ahead through the crowds of pedestrians and motor vehicles.  Scowl-Face would fit in well here.

Buffalo Gal used her magic phone to take some photos.

For moi, the absolute highlight of the trip was my pilgrimage to New York Public Library.  Here I sit with my stone cousin, one of the NYPL lions, who stands guard out front.  Let's include some snappy dialogue for the folks who inadvertently appeared in Buffalo Gal's photo.

Cauli:  "Hey, pal.  It's a camera.  Light goes in one end, and pictures come out the other."

Red Coat Lady:  "It's a library.  Where are the hot dog vendors the travel brochure talked about?"

Camera Guy:  "Nope.  Still out-of-focus.  What's this button do?"

NYPL Lion:  "Enter all ye who seek knowledge.  Or rest rooms.  Your call."

New York Public Library Reading Room

We entered the wondrous and enchanting New York Public Library filled with awe and expectation.  It is ginormous--the largest public library in North America.  We visited the reading room, fiddled around with the online public access catalog (OPAC), asked for reference assistance ("Where are Sparkle the Designer Cat's books?"), and tried to check out a book using our Evergreen Indiana library cards.  That didn't work, because NYPL is not part of the Evergreen Indiana library consortium (we knew that).  We just tried it for laughs.  Nobody else was laughing, though.

Modern Decor in N.Y. Public Library Interior

Scowl-Face wanted to know if any of his books were housed in NYPL. Surely, their collection development librarians have more sense than that.  Take a look for yourself, Scowl-Face.  We've got shopping to do.

Buffalo Gal & Moi
absorbing some classic art

Skyscrapers!  Everywhere!

Chrysler Building (way off in distance, center)

Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center (I Think)

Times Square

Times Square, Too

It was quite the full day for our little troop.  We did some power shopping (well, looking, anyway), but I didn't buy anything.  Where would I keep a wallet or credit cards?  Just asking.  (No, I am not wearing a fanny pack. We've covered that before.)

We're driving back to Hoosierland from New Jersey today.  Well, I'm curled up in the backseat, snoozing.  (Well, not right this second; I'm blogging, after all.)  Thanks to Buffalo Gal and Tough J Dude for the ride and big adventures.  Sorry you had to work, Drawer Dude.  Maybe next time.

When and Where's Our Next Road Trip, Buffalo Gal?  Just Asking,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Travel News Beat

P.S.  "New York State of Mind," by Billy Joel, was featured on his album Turnstiles (1976), which was the first Billy Joel LP that Scowl-Face ever bought.  It remains one of our personal favorites.

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  1. You would think a big library like that would have my books, but no! They don't have them in my library system either, but maybe that will change, since my human is talking with them about putting together a public talk at our local branch to teach humans how to think like cats.


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