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Cauli Le Chat
Cauli Le Chat, MPL Roving Reporter

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast is OOLE (Out-of-Library-Experience)

Instead of preparing my Thanksgiving feast themselves, Kindly Couple took me to Brown County, Indiana State Park to have dinner at the Abe Martin Lodge.  Sadly, "Flat" Cauli III did not accompany us, as she was left sitting on the shelf on Scowl-Face's computer desk, so she had to spend Thanksgiving alone and without din-dins.  It was truly a sad moment, for which ol' Scowlly has had his pay docked severely.

When we arrived, there was a huge crowd, which I naturally assumed was there to see moi.  Most of these folks were waiting to be seated in the restaurant, but that, too, was undoubtedly to permit a glimpse of moi at my reserved table.  You can imagine my utter shock and dismay when I was told that felines were not allowed in the lodge!  What is the world coming too, I ask you?  When celebrities such as moi are turned away at the door, and riffraff like Scowl-Face are permitted ingress.  Well, I wasn't going to take this sitting quietly, I can assure you right now.  I know a few tricks about getting outstanding dinners, which the Abe Martin Lodge served to its human patrons.  My share would be forthcoming, and quickly.

Feline Dumpster-Diving Outside the Kitchen

Did you know humans leave perfectly delicious chow on their plates?  I'm talking heaping portions that we kitties are expert at extracting from disposal units such as the one pictured above.  Fabulously tasty winged dinners, both what you'd call turkey and fried chicken, along with mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, roast beef, a wide range of vegetables, and rolls enough to stack about a thousand feet straight up.  If you do that sort of thing.

It was a Thanksgiving meal of epic proportions, and I was pleased to share with several friendly felines from the neighborhood.  I'm guessing these were state employees, as they had really swell official-looking state park hats.  Wish I'd had the digital camera, but The Lady With the Red Hair was holding onto it inside the lodge.

For afters, I snuck inside the restaurant to check-out the desserts and take some photos of my minions who were having a fine time at my reserved table.  Stuffed to the gills, from the looks of it.

Drawer Dude, Buffalo Gal, and Tough J Dude

The Music Man

Stuffed and sassy, minions suggested woods-walkies to burn some calories.  We took a long trail to a cool fort.  Along the way, we discovered some neat ancient artifacts from time long past.

 Minions Blazing the Trail For Moi
(Love the Hat, Lady With the Red Hair)

 Obviously an Old Bridge Support for an Elevated Kitty Walkway

 Outdoor Feline Fireplace for Roasting
Marshmallows & Fried Tuna-on-a-Stick

After Scowl-Face dropped off along the trail side to catch his breath, we continued to the really neat fort, from which you could see for miles and miles and miles and . . .  Sounds like I'm singing a song by The Who.

The Music Man, Drawer Dude, Buffalo Gal, & Tough J Dude

After collecting Scowl-Face, who was collapsed in a heap back on the trail, we returned to Abe Martin Lodge and departed, closing what was an excellently fun day.

So, who was Abe Martin?  Thought you'd ask.  Got that answer around here somewhere.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Holiday News Beat

P.S.  Kin Hubbard had his cartoon creation, Abe Martin, express many homespun philosophical phrases during his quarter century newspaper run.  Here are some selections.

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