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Cauli Le Chat
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cub Reporter Press Kit for Old Settlers

I thought it might be nice if the kiddies had something special to pick-up at my Library's booth at Old Settlers.  While the grown-ups are signing up for a chance to win the free buggy basket, little patrons can enjoy an authentic, pawtographed cub reporter press kit, courtesy of moi.  Click the image below to open a PDF version.

Perhaps we could embed it here.  It might work.  Minions, make it so.

MPL Cauli Le Chat Games for Kids -

There are some fun games on the back (in Library lingo, the verso) of the cub reporter press kit.

Look for my press kit at the MPL Booth at Old Settlers.  It will be the most popular handout we have, I'm sure.

Lookin' Pretty Dashing in My Press Hat,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter

P.S.  Speaking of reporters and writers, here is a music video featuring "Paperback Writer," by the Beatles (1966).  Along with the music video for "Rain," which was the other A-side of the single, these were the first two promotional videos ever made for pop music (or, quite probably, any music).  Essentially, the Beatles started the concept that would become MTV, the specific idea for which was conceived by The Monkees' Michael Nesmith.

["Other A-side," you ask?  Many of the Beatles' single releases were two A-sides, rather than an A- and B-sided singles disk.  The double-A side concept took two "hit potential" songs and placed them together, rather than mixing one possible hit (an A-side) with a "lesser" tune from an album (the B-side).  Double-A sided singles meant fewer sales, because fans would probably have bought songs like "Paperback Writer" and "Rain" on separate, conventional A/B-sided singles, but don't lose any sleep over EMI's revenue flow from the Fab Four.  The record company made many a fortune, and then some.]

P.P.S.  A quick review of prior blogs revealed that I already used "Paperback Writer" as a closer to a previous blog post.  Well, it's a great song, so it's worth a second listen.  But I'll add another musical closer:  namely, "Newspapermen Meet Such Interesting People," by the Almanac Singers (ca. 1940), sung here by Pete Seeger in 2006.


  1. I love your press kit! So does my human... and she is kind of old (like a whole LOT kind of old) to like that type of thing!

  2. Great press kit Cauli! Mazes and word jumbles are fun :)


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