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Cauli Le Chat
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Monday, July 4, 2011

Old Settlers Around the Corner

Since today is an American holiday of huge consequence (Independence Day), it seemed fitting to discuss a similarly important (on a local scale) town celebration:  namely, Old Settlers, which is Mooresville's version of founders' days.  The annual Old Settlers parade, picnic, and fair/festival/bigbash is just around the corner:  August 7, 8, and 9, 2011.  It is a pretty exciting affair, to be sure.  Locals from hereabouts will enjoy various fried concoctions, visit lots of community booths to pick-up freebies, and, for those brave hearts, risk life and limb on the amusement rides.  (Actually, the fried foods are probably more dangerous).  There is always much to do at Old Settlers, and it would be a shame to miss it.

My Library has loads of historical tidbits about Old Settlers, some of which is available online at various websites.  You could visit  last year's (mostly) relevant MPL Indiana Room blog postings, which include various related videos and digitized handouts.

There is much more Old Settlers history in my Library's Indiana Room collection, if you happen to stop in and have a minute to peruse our materials.  The room has a nice view of our Courtyard, as you've seen in some of my previous posts.  That's probably worth a visit in itself.

Again this year, my Library will be having a sign-up at our Old Settlers Booth for a free homemade basket.  This year's prize is called a buggy basket, and you put it in the trunk of your car to store automobile gadgets.  The basket will be filled with a bunch of freebies from vehicle parts stores, so it should be pretty nice.  Entry if free.  The basket is courtesy of Baskets From Junior's Farm.  That's the same Junior who is one of my special correspondents.

Hope to see you at the bigbash in August!

Void Where Prohibited (the Contest, I Mean),

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Festival News Beat

P.S.  Here's a brief video about the history of Old Settlers.

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