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Cauli Le Chat
Cauli Le Chat, MPL Roving Reporter

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tag, You're It!

Buffalo Gal, who used to be Writer Girl, but she wanted a new nickname, and we aim to please in this blog, noticed that yours truly did not have a magnetic name tag from my Library.  Other, lesser staff, whose magnetic name tag is shown below, has his own, but not moi.  Clearly, this is unfair and discriminatory against felines.  Not that I need a name tag--who doesn't know my name, I ask you honestly--but it's a matter of principle.  If Scowl-Face gets a tag, then so should I.  Equilocus est pariter inscribo.  (See postscript below.)

Here is an example of my Library's staff name tags.

Even a slobberdog could make the necessary edits to create a suitable name tag for moi.

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Equity regards as done that which ought to be done.  You budding law students out there know an equitable maxim when you see one.  For the rest of us, check here for more details.

Obviously Better at Law Than Photoshop,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Name That Dude News Beat

P.S.  Translation:  "An equal is equally entitled."

P.P.S.  Badfinger finishes our blog today with a flourish.  Here is "The Name of the Game" from the album Straight Up (1971).    (Get it?  Name tags?  Name of the game?  Better tie a yellow ribbon around that joke, Scowl-Face.)


  1. Hey, Cauli, I thought I was the one who noticed you didn't have a name tag. -- The Lady With the Red Hair

  2. How are you going to keep a magnetic tag on, Cauli? You don't wear a shirt, and you wouldn't want a name tag with a pin! -- The Lady With the Red Hair

  3. T.L.W.R.H., I'd wear it on my roving reporter hat, of course! (Eye-roll) Anyway, my magnetic personality would keep the tag attached.

  4. Cauli, I want my tag back, or else I'll be charged.

  5. Cauli, I actually don't think you need a name plate. Some library staff are actually too important to need one.

  6. In that video featuring Badfinger's song, "The Name of the Game," doesn't that one shot look like Buffalo Gal and Drawer Dude, wearing black and sitting back-to-back (sort of)? Pretty cool coincidence.


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