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Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Need a Theme Song!

Lots of celebrities have theme songs.  Bozo the Clown had a theme song, for crying out loud!  You have got to see this to believe it.

Bozo the Clown Television Program on WHDH-TV
Channel 5, Boston (1959-1970)
(This From a 1966 Episode)

If that didn't scare you, then nothing will.
My theme song, of course, must be something truly spectacular and royalty-free.  That's a tough combo, but I know just the composer to deliver.  The Music Man, who composes original soundtrack music for all of my Library's videos, has created the perfect musical theme for moi.  But which song is the best choice to embody the magnificence that is Cauli Le Chat?  You be the judge.  Visit the Music Man's web site and listen to his discography.  He has several CDs of music posted, and you may listen for free.  One of his albums is also posted to the MPL Sound Cloud web site.

Another great place to hear the Music Man's original compositions is to listen to the soundtracks to my Library's YouTube videos.  All of his music is available there, so you should watch the videos for sure.  (Scowl-Face says to watch every single one, but I don't think even he has done that.)

 Listen to the Music Man's many compositions and let me know (via comments or email at which selection would make my ideal theme song.  Sorry I can't give you any prizes or anything, but consider the great public service you will be doing.  Selecting my theme song is probably the most important thing anybody could possibly do.

Here is a book trailer featuring one of the Music Man's best works.

Here is another book trailer showcasing a Music Man classic.

Pick your fav song that you think would work best as my theme tune, and let me know which will be the one.  I'll let you know the results.

Wondering How to Tuna Fish,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Theme Music News Beat

P.S.  "I'll Be the One" seemed somehow appropriate for today's posting.  This is a Badfinger tune from the album No Dice (1970).  (Is that guy lip-synching in the video actually chording correctly for the song?  I'll ask the Music Man.  He's a fabulous guitarist.  You can see for yourself.)


  1. Cauli, That guy in the first video is playing along with the Badfinger song. He's nailed the rhythm guitar part, it seems. "I'll be the One" was not actually included on the 1970 release of the "No Dice" LP. It was, however, included as an extra track on the CD re-release in 1992. -- Scowl-Face.

  2. Hi Cauli, listened to several songs by the Music Man, Danny Buckley and thought maybe "Seashells on the beach" from 'Through Abstract Eyes' could be your theme song? then again it's hard to choose!

  3. For Cauli's theme song, we at Shady Creek Station vote for "the Music Man's" soundtrack to your "Go, Dog. Go!" book trailer. We think it fits because Cauli is always on the go!

  4. To listen to the soundtrack of the library's book trailer for "Go, Dog. Go!" copy-and-paste this URL into your web browser, if the hyperlink is broken:


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