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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's Inside That Easter Egg? Can I Look-See? Can I? Huh! Can I?

by Harley Quinn, MPL "Cub" Reporter

It's my first big assignment!  My first solo story, my first byline. . . .  This is soooo egg-citing!  I'm supposed to investigate the mysterious Easter eggs that were left in the staff mailboxes at my Library.  Here's the one found in Scowl-Face's mailbox:

Curious Hard-Shelled Easter Egg
Lurking in Scowl-Face's Mailbox

This egg has a strangely rigid, hard shell that feels slippery on the surface--not wet but difficult to hold in your paws.  When you push it over, it rolls a few times, and you can (gasp!) hear something rolling around inside the shell!  It's simultaneously puzzling and enticing.  What could it be in there?  What could it be?!

Can I break open the egg, Cauli?  Can I?  Huh?  Just a quick look-see.  Please, please, please, please, can I please?  Pretty please?

(Calm yourself, Harley.  This is why she's still a "cub" reporter.  -- Cauli Le Chat.)

Okay, I just can't stand it another minute!  That egg must be broken now!

What's All This Then?
Where's the Fluffy Winged Dinner?

This is certainly not what I eggs-pected.  There appear to be about a half dozen hard-shelled sweet chocolate hideaways (most likely they are people snacks), along with a sweet-smelling and -tasting chewy red dude--probably also a people snack.  I'll ask the Lady With the Red Hair to subject them to various chemical and physical tests.  She's an authority on chocolate.

Test results are in!  After performing a mastication test, the Lady With the Red Hair has scientifically determined that
  • The chocolate hard-shells are chewable and tasty;
  • The sweet red dude is like a gummy bear and laced with sugar;
  • Red dude is also chewable and tasty.
There you have it!  Sweet red dude is delicious!  Little round hard-shell chocolate hideaways are likewise delicious.  Quite a pleasant culinary surprise in this green Easter egg.

There was no indication who left the Easter eggs behind in the Library staff mailboxes.  I can only surmise that it must have been the Easter bunny.  The evidence is compelling:  Unnaturally hard, slick eggshells . . . chocolate hideaway chewables . . . sweet little red dudes.  The deduction is obvious.

I am eagerly awaiting reports from my Library colleagues to determine the contents of their eggs.  Until then, I remain,

Harley Quinn,
MPL "Cub" Reporter
Chocolate Bunny News Beat

P.S.  Enjoy this cute video called "Easter Bunnies," which shows the top five bunny stories, according to the person who posted the video.  Sorry about the advertisement at the beginning!  There's just no escaping commercialism.

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  1. This video made me laugh! Love Wheely Wolly's get around contraption!


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