Cauli Le Chat

Cauli Le Chat
Cauli Le Chat, MPL Roving Reporter

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Meet Your New Special Correspondents!

Even roving reporters of my calibre need "stringers," which, in press jargon, are freelance journalists covering special assignments.  So I have convinced the library (take note, Boss Lady, I'm convincing you) that we need some special correspondents.  I have just the crew, whom you'll meet forthwith.

  • Jules Le Chat, Special Nature Correspondent:  Way back in June 2004, Jules (formal name: Juliet, who is probably a relative of mine--feline genealogy is, well, sketchy, to put it lightly) covered my library beat until Writer Girl and the Lady With the Red Hair whisked her off to live in their château (she was malnourished and dehydrated, due to her perseverance in running down leads and getting the stories out to the public--this before blogging, of course, so she used paper scraps and crayon).  Jules is a seasoned reporter who has a "nose for news."  That's good, because she has a tail for little more than testing wind direction. My affectionate name for her is "Stumpy," because she was involved in an industrial accident, when she and a portion of her tail parted company.  (The Lady With the Red Hair says that it's a cruel nickname, but Jules and I are great chums, so she's down with it.  [Jules is.  Not TLWRH.  Those ambiguous pronoun antecedents!  Makes writing tough.])

Jules Le Chat
MPL Special Nature Correspondent

    • Jules will be covering the library's programs and events associated with nature and the great outdoors.  Fresh air, open spaces--it's a sweet assignment.  Look for Stumpy's guest blogs as spring blossoms.  The sooner, the better.

  • Junior, Special Arts & Crafts Correspondent:  You may know Junior, whom I call by his French name, Jeune, since he is the namesake of Baskets From Junior's Farm (La ferme de Jeune), which is sponsoring two of the library's arts & crafts programs in March (you guessed it:  basket weaving.  You win a frozen swimming dinner as a prize.  Talk with Mrs. Paul).
    • Jeune (Junior) will be covering the library's arts & crafts beat.  Watch for his insightful commentary about A & C programs and events.  See the cute photo below from Junior's early reporting days; more recent pictures are available in my earlier blog.

Junior (right) sacks-out with Gracie ("Baby") after a long night of carousing cub reporting (2008)

(For those of you who didn't read classic (translation: old) DC Comics or never watched the 1950s television program The Adventures of Superman, Jimmy Olsen was a cub reporter for The Daily Planet, Metropolis' newspaper. A "cub" reporter is a novice who has not been granted full writer status; today, we would call this person an intern.)

Speaking of roving reporter interns, here is one of ours:

Meet Harley, MPL roving cub reporter.
Our Jimmy Olsen; just what we need.  (Eye roll)

Chair occupied?  I don't think so!  Take a hike, bears;
Harley's here to rock-and-roll

That's hard-nosed reporting, Harls.  You'll go far in our profession.

Proud to be a Roving Reporter for our Library,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Special Correspondents Supervisor

P.S.  Get it?  Harley in a rocking chair.  Here to rock-and-roll?  Okay, that's pretty lame.  I need some fresh material.


  1. Cauli,

    Looks like all of your special correspondents are just lying around, loafing on the job. You'd better crack the whip!

  2. looking forward to many blog posts from your lovely feline friends, who appear very laid back!


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