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Cauli Le Chat
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Friday, March 11, 2011

A Library Business Card For Moi

Recently I discovered that my pal, Tober, who is Boss Cat at Thorntown (Indiana) Public Library, had his own library business cards.  As you can see in his blog, they look really sharp and very professional.  I figured that, being the roving reporter at my library, it was perfectly reasonable that I should have my own library business cards to distribute when I'm pounding the beat running down all the breaking news for my legions of readers.

So I ordered Scowl-Face to make it so.  Not so, replied Boss Lady.  Can you believe it!  Boss Lady flatly refused my request!  I mean, come on!  If Scowl-Face gets a library business card, and he never leaves the Indiana Roving Reporter Room, then I certainly deserve one.

If you want to get something done right, you must do it yourself.  I have just completed my design, based upon the library's 2008-09 business card template, which, admittedly, is not current, but that's all I could find on Scowl-Face's computer.  Drum roll, please!

Library Business Card, Rear View

"Business Side" of My Library Business Card

Now that commands respect.

(H.R.M. stands for Her Royal Majesty.)  My loyal fans and subjects may call upon me during regular working hours in the Library's Indiana Roving Reporter Room, if I happen to be there.  I would have liked a robe, too, to go along with my sceptre and crown, but my Photoshop skills only go so far.

I just realized that I forgot to include my email on the card.  Actually, I don't have my own email address (can you believe the effrontery around here?!), but you may reach me in care of  Be sure to include my name in the subject line, or else it will probably get lost in the shuffle.

Since I don't know how to load the blank business card forms in the big printer, you'll have to be satisfied with my cards as shown in this blog.  But that's environmentally friendlier, so I'm going green and getting my justly deserved business cards to boot.  In your face, Boss Lady!  (But not so much as to result in my "firement," as Tober would say.)

Bow Three Times in My Royal Presence, Please,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Business Communications News Beat


  1. Cauli,

    The expression should be "the business end" of your library business card, not "business side." It is derived from the expression "the business end of a [particular firearm]," which was frequently used (to the point of cliche) in dimestore pulp detective stories.

  2. Scowl-Face,

    Business cards have sides, not ends. Forget the "literary" expression. Professor Strunk said to use the RIGHT word. Side is right. End is wrong. Game over.

    You'd better explain what a "dimestore" was to anyone who isn't a thousand years old (like yourself).

  3. Cauli,

    Love the business card! Suits you to a T!

  4. Cauli,

    Shouldn't it be, H.R.H. for Her Royal Highness? Just asking.

  5. H.R.H. ("Her Royal Highness") is standard for British royalty. (There's a decent historical discussion on Wikipedia at this URL:

    I wanted something different, so I went with H.R.M. ("Her Royal Majesty").

  6. Hey, Cauli,

    I had my business card before yours. Nanny-nanny-boo-boo!

    Junior, of Junior's Farm, CEO
    Shady Creek Station

  7. Hey, Jeune de la ferme de Jeune,

    Your next assignment as special feline correspondent will be to report on your neighborhood horsey stables and their waste disposal mechanisms. Grab yourself a pitchfork!

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