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Cauli Le Chat
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Greens Be Sproutin' All Over @ MPL!

By Jules Le Chat,
Special Feline Correspondent,
Nature News Beat

Spring has sprung at Mooresville Public Library, with greens sprouting every which way but down.  As I roamed the Pathway to Learning that connects the Outdoor Children's Garden to the Courtyard, I was witness to many miracles of nature's renewed vigor.  With digital camera in paw, I snapped these exciting scenes of spring splendor.

 Possibly Daffodils; Could Be Crocuses


Whatever They Are, They're Green AND Growing

Blech!  That Tastes Terrible!
These (Presumably) Flowers Are
Behind the Library's Magic Sign

This explosion of vibrant vegetation graces the MPL Courtyard and the Pathway to Learning, which have a wide variety of plants that are identified F.Y.I.

MPL Courtyard

 Eastern Track of the Pathway to Learning
Look Down and Learn Stuff About All These Neat Plants

Mother Nature is showing herself in other outdoorsy places around the Library, too.  Here are signs of spring tidings peeking from beneath the soil.

 Where Learning's Path Meets the Children's Outdoor Garden

MPL Children's Outdoor Garden; 
Cauli Le Chat's Stomping Grounds
(When She Turns-in Stories)

Some Kinda Green Spikes Growing Near the Staff Door

This reporter is pleased as punch to announce that the Library's flowers, bushes, plants, and other greens that felines love to chew are stirring from their long winter's slumber to reach for the sky, pardner!  Oh, sorry--got my genres mixed up there.  Well, the growth is in full swing, so we anticipate a wonderfully colorful April around these parts.

Stop by the Library at your convenience to see the beauty blossoming about the place.  Stop and smell the --uh-- whatever flowers they are.  Watch out for buzzer-pokes.

This Buzzer-poke WILL Give You the Business,
So Lay Off and Steer Clear!

Looking for Books on Flowers,

Jules Le Chat
MPL Special Nature Correspondent

P.S.  Found 'em.  Look at our Library under Dewey Classification Number 582 ("Plants noted for specific vegetative characteristics and flowers.")  Browse the shelves in the 580s to see what else you can find.  Lots of interesting books are available.

Did you know you may digitally browse the bookshelves in the Evergreen Indiana catalog?  Go to the Advanced Search web page (through the Internet or using an OPAC at the Library) and go to the Quick Search box.  Select Call No. from the drop-down menu, and type-in the Dewey Classification Number you wish to browse.  Click Submit to begin your search, and the results will appear on a new screen.

Click the Picture Above to Enlarge

P.P.S.  Those of us who lived through the 1960s (sure I did; nine lives and all) may remember  "The Rain, the Park, and Other Things" (1967), a classic tune by the Cowsills.  (The group has a website--take a peek.)  Click here for the song lyrics.  Pretty high sugar content, so watch with care, if you're watching your sugar intake.  Love the invisible harp and drums in the video; plus the all-guy lineup singing male and female backing vocals.  Lip-syncing is nothing new, folks.


  1. Hi Cauli, Great to see spring has arrived at Mooresville. Love the 60's video!!


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