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Cauli Le Chat
Cauli Le Chat, MPL Roving Reporter

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Everyone's a Butler Bull-(Slobber)-Dogs Fan Now!

Now that Butler University's men's basketball team has accomplished what no other Hoosier college in NCAA Division I competition has done--earn back-to-back berths to the NCAA tournament final four--pretty much everybody who is anyone (and is interested in college basketball) has become a Butler Bulldogs backer.  Bandwagon-jumping supporters of this Cinderella team are happy just to have standing room only on the championship train.  Loyal fans have known all along that Butler is just that good, and so this late-season success is no more surprising than last year's championship game, which, by the way, Butler should have won against Duke, if there were any justice in the world.

We at Mooresville Public Library wish to express our support for this grand group of basketball whiz-kids (and coaches).  We have some ties to the institution, you know.

Butler Bull-(Slobber)-Dogs Faux Mascot
(With Cheer Sign)
Proudly Showing Our Support at the
MPL Information Desk in Adult Services

First, let's get square on the team mascot.  All canines are slobberdogs; no offense (or defense) intended, but, hey, that's what they do.  Ergo, the Butler team nickname (and mascot) must be Bull-(Slobber)-Dogs.  Bull-(Slobber)-Dogs are tenacious to the max, and that's why Butler chose this breed for its teams.  Mental and physical toughness are the school's bywords, so the fit is to a proverbial T.

Next, our alleged connections to this fine academic institution of higher learning.  Some of us (i.e., Scowl-Face), the big dope, passed up a full academic scholarship to attend a big state school to the south, which will remain nameless (the school, not the south--modifier phrase placement is a tough nut in English grammar).  Others of us are related (by blood and/or marriage) to Butler graduates.  Most of us have walked upon its ancient, learned grounds.  Many have enjoyed concerts in acoustically-fine Clowes Memorial Hall.  Some have repeatedly interviewed for jobs at the school (e.g., Scowl-Face).  A few more were given parking tickets there.  The connections, as you can readily see, are deep and heartfelt.

So we extend our bestest and wellest (surely not proper words, but, hey, why not?) wishes to Butler's brave boys of the hardwood.  Win the national championship.  No team in America deserves it more.  You can take that to the bank.

No Stranger to Posting Up and the Hook Shot Myself,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Former Forward (Starting, of course), Nine Lives Corporation AFAU (Amateur Feline Athletics Union) Basketball Team (2006-2009)

(You can look it up.)

P.S.  Watch our book trailer for Go, Dog. Go! and revel in the title cheer!  Onward and upward, Butler, to victory!


  1. There is also a staff member who went to the same alma mater as Coach Brad Stevens.. can you gues who, Cauli?

  2. Wild Thang, of course. Coach Stevens played guard at DePauw University starting in 1995, if memory serves.

  3. My cousin Brett was a DePauw basketball player back in the 1980s. Plus I worked with another DePauw basketball player in the '90s at The Saturday Evening Post (I'll not mention his name, since he might wish to remain anonymous).

  4. Better anonymous than a hippopotamus.


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