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Cauli Le Chat
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Most "Egg-citing" Youth Services Program

This is the most egg-citing youth services program ever to appear at my library since I became a roving reporter last December.  It is eggs-actly the type of event you don't want to miss!  If you will eggs-cuse these awful puns, I will tell you all about it in eggs-quisite detail.

Two-legged winged lunchables Baby chicks are coming!  These tender, succulent treats cute little fluffy fellers will start their life journeys as eggs placed in an incubator on March 15, 2011.  You can see the eggs behind the Youth Services Information Desk, where Wild Thang and Supreme Cat-aloger Gal are often found buried under work piles that would cripple lesser folks.  (Broadway Gal, who runs the youth show, has her own office, and we roving reporters are frankly jealous).  They take everything in stride, though--including these tiny would-be winged dinners wonders--and are prepared to answer your many questions, such as:
  • Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
  • How do those chirping fluff balls fit inside those little eggs?
  • How do they break out of their shells?
  • Why are some chicks so yellow and others not so?
  • Are they served with parmesan sauce?
Before I began reporting breaking news for the library, there was a baby chicks thing happening almost a year ago.  Here are some photos from last year's grand event.

Incubator (My Easy Bake Oven?)

Weird Devil Chick Glowing in Dark!
(Actually, just checking to see if s/he's growing okay)

Eggs a Plenty!  But Before Long . . .
 Tiny Lunchable Winged Tot in Post-Egg-sistence Phase

Ideal for ROASTING Watching!

May I Place a Take-Out Order?

(Scowl-Face said I should stop thinking about food because I get bowls full of special kitty chow and should be happy with that.  Guess it's time to sulk in the corner.)

You will be amazed at this miracle of life-in-the-making that will unfold before your very eyes!  Watch eggs become chicks!  But when will it all happen?  The eggs arrive on March 15, and the estimated hatching date is April 4.  The library will be asking for families to volunteer to foster pairs of new baby chicks (where can I sign up?)  Why pairs?  Baby chicks thrive in pairs.  For me, it's all about serving size.

If you have any questions, please feel free to stop by MPL Youth Services and talk with Broadway Gal, Wild Thang, or Supreme Cat-aloger Gal.  They will be happy to take your orders answer your queries.

Waiting With Bated Breath for the Ides of March,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Little Chicken (or Chicken Little) News Beat

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