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Cauli Le Chat
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Survey Says!

Truly Nice Gentleman, a colleague who works at Mooresville Public Library, is asking people-patrons to complete and return the 2011 Computers & Lab Survey, which is available at the MPL Circulation Desk.  After completing the survey, you should stuff it in the box that's sitting on some of the young adult bookshelves, next to the heads (yes, the actual heads) of William Shakespeare and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who apparently wrote some plays or poetry or some such human interest stuff.

Here is what the front of the survey looks like:

Why fill this thingy out?  Well, duh!  It will help your library select new computers and techno-gizmos.  What's not to like?  Better gadgets, better service.  Pretty simple.  I hope they install some feline-friendly computers.  I really like the mouse thingy, but it doesn't run fast or very far.  It has a really long tail, however, and its belly shines red like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (well, Rudolph's nose shines red, not his belly, but you catch my drift).

If you have any questions, just chat with Truly Nice Gentleman (TNG for short) at the MPL Circulation Desk, who looks like this:

TNG even starred in a few of our library videos, but that was before my time.  Take a peek!

So what's my blog title mean?  Remember that TV show, Family Feud?  All those humans trying to guess what the audience survey said so they can win prizes.  The master of ceremonies during the 1970s version of the program was Richard Dawson, an actor best known for his role as Corporal Peter Newkirk on the TV sitcom Hogan's Heroes (1965-1971).  I'm getting all this from books in our library, by the way.  (Okay, well, my personal assistant, Scowl-Face, is looking it up.  I'm too busy to handle minor details!)  He used to turn to the big board behind him and shout, "Survey says!" just before the human contestants began jumping up and down like prairie dogs popping out of their holes.  Here is what Dawson looked like:

Nice suit (eye-roll).

So fill out the 2011 Computers & Lab Survey already and stuff the box by the poetry heads.  You'll be glad you did.

Paw-ticularly yours,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Game Show News Beat

P.S.  How do cats get to be contestants on Family Feud?  I've now got eight brothers and sisters, as well as three slobberdogs, plus some human caregivers.  We can jump up and down real good!

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