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Cauli Le Chat
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Good Will Toward Slobberdogs

'Tis the season for loving kindness and good will toward slobberdogs. After being stuffed all day with holiday din-dins (I'm having my 23rd helping of turkey, plus my namesake dish, broiled cauliflower with garlic), I am fully in a charitable, giving mood.  There is a roaring fire (real, not fake, like at the library), before which Kindly Couple's kitty household (nine strong) are sprawled asleep as I write.  Then there are the three slobberdogs who also live here.  In our gift exchange, we kitties gave the slobberdogs their favorite gifts (hint:  "bacon! bacon! bacon!"), while they gave us the usual bags of fake furry mice (much fun when given the heave-ho by the Lady with the Red Hair, who, like the Man with the Yellow Hat who looked after Curious George, looks after all of us).  There was wine (which was cruelly denied us four-legged friends) and veggies (mostly for Scowl-Face and The Thin Man), and trainloads of turkey and homemade gravy (about which Writer Girl raved).  Unhappily, The Music Man and Techno-Wizard Chick were trapped in the blizzard out west, but they will be visiting soon and will undoubtedly bring me more turkey, thank you very much, put it there on my plate, please, right now if not sooner.

Contrary to popular myth, felines and slobberdogs can be great friends and work together to train humans to be good caregivers.  In keeping with this spirit, my book review for today is devoted to a grand preschool children's book about slobberdogs:  Go, Dog.  Go!, by P. D. Eastman.  Our library has a book trailer that glimpses the playful romping these slobberdogs enjoy:

Everyone in the book engages in good-natured fun, and it is a stimulating and hilarious read for little humans (or grown-ups reading aloud to very tiny people).  Go, Dog. Go! has been a favorite for generations of humans, and your local public library, like mine, is bound to have a copy or two.  If your library (like mine) is Evergreen (i.e., part of the Evergreen Indiana [E.I.] library consortium), then you will find many copies available.  To place a hold in E.I. for the book, click here and then log-into your E.I. account.  Place a hold, and the book will be delivered to your home library for you to pickup.  But you won't get any turkey, though; sorry about that. Somebody intercepted the turkey shipments (burp!).  Must have been a slobberdog.

Happy holidays,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Turkey and Stuffing News Beat

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