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Sunday, August 5, 2018

A Big Red Slobberdog, For Sure

The library's float in the 2018 Old Settlers Parade featured everybody's favorite big red slobberdog.  Not my first choice, as it should have been a famous feline (such as moi?), but I guess Garfield was busy.

I see Clifford had his Evergreen Indiana library card at the ready.  That's one smart slobberdog!  You can't checkout all our books, movies, audiobooks, playaways, music CDs, and other great stuff without one.  (Well, technically, you can, if you have a statewide PLAC [Public Library Access Card] or a blue Evergreen Indiana card, but that's hair-splitting details I'll let our circulation staff explain.)

As always, click the photos to bigify.

BizMeister said that Clifford's tail was designed to wag in the wind, but there wasn't much breeze on this really hot, humid day, so we didn't get a chance to see it.

Teen Titan came up with a brilliant idea to use library bookcarts to showcase reading (with cute slobberdog puns) while having a central serving location for sweet treats.  It's a long-standing tradition for parade participants to toss candy or other goodies to the crowd, and, in the past, the tossing was primarily done from the float or the vehicle towing it.  The bookcarts made it much easier for Teen Titan and Lady RaDA to get the goodies out to the youngster folks watching along the parade route.

Float design was once again orchestrated by the Decorinator and BizMeister, whose ingenuity matched all previous outstanding library parade floats (the library has a well-earned reputation for excellent float design and execution).

The library float design and construction team once again outdid themselves with a terrific display.  We're including two photos, in case anyone blinked.

I'm still a tad bit peeved that no felines were featured with our float.

Hold On!

Nice save, Teen Titan and Lady RaDA!

Although they weren't part of the library float, there were some really big dudes standing nearby.

Hey, horseys!  Don't forget the poo-bags.  Just saying.

Minions, run down and take some photos of the library float in the parade.  I'll just curl-up beneath a nicely shaded tree in front of Paul Hadley Middle School.

Don't forget to visit the library to get your paws on a book (or other items).  And don't miss the Old Settlers Festival at Pioneer Park in Mooresville (today through Tuesday).  That's August 5-6-7, 2018 for those without calendars.

Your Roving Reporter On The Go,

Cauli Le Chat

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