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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ketzel's ComPAWsition

We have a new book trailer featuring a delightful children's picture book, which is now available to checkout from our Evergreen Indiana catalog.  Be sure to turn-up the volume when you watch our book trailer (below), so you may hear one of my Library's composer's original compositions as the soundtrack.

MPL Book Trailer #227
Ketzel, the Cat Who Composed, by Lesléa Newman
(Illustrated by Amy June Bates)
We felines are rather talented.  Based on a true story, Ketzel became a world-famous kitty composer, as did Ketzel's human, Rabbi (Morris) Moshe Cotel (1943-2008).  Ketzel's comPAWsition appears below.

Moshe notated Ketzel's improvisational score

Ketzel with Moshe Cotel

 Moshe Cotel (1981)

Newman and Bates have created a charming children's picture book commemorating both Moshe and Ketzel.  It is an affectionate portrait of two musically-gifted souls that is uplifting and life-affirming.  Plus it's really sweet.

In one of my previous lives, I enjoyed the piano, so I know how wonderful music can be to us kitties.  People seem to like it, too.

I hope you enjoy reading this book to your little peeps.

Your Roving Reporter On The Go,

Cauli Le Chat

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