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Cauli Le Chat
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Sunday, October 5, 2014

I'll Show You "Nevermore," Edgar!

Last Wednesday my Library was invaded by a winged dinner--an American gothic writer, no less.

Crafty Gal with Edgar Allan Crow
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Conference time, Boss Lady!  I have an employee grievance.  As we know, I, being of feline persuasion, am not officially allowed inside the Library (sneaking inside doesn't count against moi).  So why is this winged dinner permitted inside?  AND sitting with Crafty Gal at the youth services desk?  I could curl up in Crafty Gal's lap and take a much-needed snooze, or stretch out on the counter behind the youth services desk, or find a comfortable spot in a thousand other places around the Library, but, instead, I am banished to the outer regions while this--this--feathered entrée with writer's block is perched on the back of Crafty Gal's chair.  I surmise Edgar is the Library's new resident writer.  Something to "crow" about, I suppose? Well, it's an improvement over Scowl-Face's writing.  Just saying.

Need I remind anyone that I purr?  Rub against ankles and give gentle head-butts?  I am massively cute!  Edgar, on the other claw, just poops pretty much everywhere.  (Thank goodness we kitties have litter boxes!) He probably just squawks "nevermore!" repeatedly like a broken record.  No one is "raven" about this fellow, I can tell you that right now.

Showdown time, Edgar Allan Crow!  This Library's not big enough for the both of us!  High noon in the grand hall.  Your beak versus my claws.  Fair's fair.

Oh, so now Boss Lady says that we can't have an O.K. corral-style showdown anywhere on Library premises.  Figures.  We can't have any fun.

Just remember this, Edgar.  I was my Library's first mascot wearing black. You're a distant second.  You must know all about "pecking order," surely.

Your Roving Reporter On The Go,

Cauli Le Chat

P.S.  The Black Crowes had a huge hit with "Hard to Handle," a cover of an Otis Redding song, which was included on the band's debut album, Shake Your Money Maker (1990).

P.P.S.  Want to hear Otis Redding's original version (1968)?  Sure you do.

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  1. Cauli, surely you know how much I adore you! I just happened to find Edgar in the basement...IN A BOX! I'm wondering who put him there in the first place....?


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