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Cauli Le Chat
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Library Journal Showcases Browser

Browser, the Pine River (Minnesota) Public Library Cat, has been featured in the July, 2013 edition of the prestigious publication, Library Journal.

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Quite impressive!  Browser has been a media whirlwind lately, what with his documentary movie and newspaper column.  Pretty soon, I expect to see Browser riding the TV talk show circuit.  Just have your minions demand special kitty treats in the greenroom.

I'm telling you, Browser, you need to get your book of newspaper columns (or some other subject--it's up to you, really) out there soon.  As the old saying goes, strike while the iron's hot.  A bird in your paw is worth two in the bush.  How now, Brown cow.  Okay, I'd better stop before we're overrun by proverbial phrases.

Great job, Browser!  Paws up! (as Sparkle the Designer Cat would say).

Hey, Thorntown (Indiana) Public Library!  I assume you've submitted Tober's photo and bio to Library Journal.  Indiana's most famous library feline deserves a share of the national spotlight, I'd venture.

Hey, Library Journal editors!  How about other library critters being showcased?  Say, for instance, Morgan the Library Bunny (at Morgan County [Indiana] Public Library)?  Just saying.  Of course, we library cats are clearly entitled to be honored in Library Journal, but I think other library critters deserve mention, too.

What about moi, you might wonder?  I probably wouldn't qualify for LJ's feature.  I don't actually live inside my Library.  I'm outside doing the roving reporter thing.

Your Roving Reporter On The Go,
Cauli Le Chat

P.S.  Here's a video clip from Pine River (Minnesota) Public Library showing Browser doing what librarians call a "shelf-read," by which he assures that the books are reshelved in the correct order (by classification designation).  He's also looking for a safe way down, says the video description.


  1. Is Browser single?? I live in Minnesota....
    Mommy says the Library Journal is a really big deal.
    Browser needs to publish his column in book form so more kitties (and humans) can read his wisdom.

  2. I think Library Journal should have a library cat centerfold in every issue! Or is that too risque for the library humans?


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