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Cauli Le Chat
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Action Figure Librarian Meets Our Ex-Toucan

Our ex-toucan, Sammy, who, along with Broadway Gal, now works for the Library Development Office (LDO) at the Indiana State Library (ISL), attended the Indiana Library Federation (ILF) annual conference this week.  Among Sammy's new duties at ISL is interviewing famous authors. On Tuesday at the ILF conference, the keynote speaker was world-renowned librarian and author Nancy Pearl, for whom an action figure was created.  (I previously blogged about this, of course.)  Naturally, you know what happened next.

Sammy the Toucan interviews Nancy Pearl
(or vice versa)

This is probably Sammy's greatest interviewing coup.  (If she had been driving an automobile, it would've been her greatest interviewing coup√©.)    While Sammy was landing this exclusive interview, Broadway Gal was preparing for a youth services workshop at the ILF conference this morning.  She presents workshops every year at ILF.  She's a really big deal there, and her librarian colleagues learn a great deal from her and have plenty of fun to boot.  Or to paw.

Too bad our "Flat" Cauli (whichever number she is), who is currently sleeping under the MPL Indiana Roving Reporter Room's staff desk, didn't accompany my minions to the ILF conference.  Maybe she, too, could have talked with Nancy Pearl on video.  But "Flat" Cauli is rather quiet and reserved.  Sammy, totally not so.

We hope Broadway Gal had an enjoyable, well-attended workshop.  It looked like great fun and was highly informative, reported Scowl-Face.

Perhaps Nancy Pearl could visit my Library to interview moi.  It would be quite an item for her blog.

Be sure to watch more of Sammy's famous interviews on Broadway Gal's YouTube Channel.  There are, like, a dozen new videos from ILF alone.

Great Interview, as Always, Sammy,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
ILF Conference News Beat

P.S.  Doesn't Nancy Pearl appear in this music video, Librarians Do Gaga?  Take a look and report back, if you please.

P.P.S.  Librarians Do Gaga inspired Broadway Gal to make Librarians Do Taio Cruz.  It's still our funniest video and ranks third on our all-time viewing list on the MPL YouTube Channel.

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