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Cauli Le Chat
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How Will We Manage Without Her?

I am so TOTALLY bummed out, but am also surprisingly happy for Broadway Gal.  If you follow her on Facebook (and who doesn't, right?), you have already seen her post that she will be leaving my Library to work at the Indiana State Library.  She has a really important new job, which involves working with youth services at libraries across Hoosierland.  Not many people could do the job, but she will shine gloriously.

Broadway Gal
All Smiles at MPL's 2012 Summer Reading Kick-Off Event (Last May)

Meanwhile, what are WE at MPL going to do without Broadway Gal?  Who will develop exciting ideas for videos and programs?  Who will handle all the truly tough assignments, like steering the library collection development policies committee or chairing the staff in-service committee? Who will design, direct, assemble, and edit our library music videos?  Who will give impressive presentations at state and national library conferences?  Who will manage the Library's Cook Endowment?  Who will handle summer reading?  I could go on for hours.

Certainly we won't find a single person who can do everything Broadway Gal has done for the Library in her five-year tenure as head of MPL Youth Services.  Perhaps we could hire a half-dozen people.  That might cover 52 percent of what Broadway Gal does.  We'd need a dozen to do it all.

I'm happy that Broadway Gal has new opportunities for professional growth and all that jazz, but I'm also truly SAD that she will no longer be at MPL to do the heavy intellectual lifting and the even heavier chore of corralling --er-- guiding (no, mentoring is more apropos) young humans from ages zero to grown-up.

We have many great talents at my Library, but we also have Scowl-Face.  Still, it could be worse. He could have a clone working here, too.

Congratulations, Broadway Gal!

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Library Staff News Beat

P.S.  "He said that I must soldier on."  That's one of the lyrics in "Shine On Brightly," by Procol Harum, from the group's LP by the same title (1968). We, too, must "soldier on."  If you'll excuse moi, I'm planning to cry now.

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  1. Thank you Cauli! I will miss it here for sure, especilly your commentary on EVERYTHING going on from the smallest news item (everyone's nick-names) to the big things like our 100 Year Celebration. YOU are so tireless in your coverage, it truly makes my head spin.


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