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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just in Time For Gift-Giving Holidays

by Junior, of Junior's Farm
MPL Special Feline Correspondent
Arts & Crafts News Beat


by Harley Quinn
MPL Feline "Cub" Reporter
Whatever News Beat

Basket-weaving returns to the Library with a workshop scheduled for Saturday, November 10, 2012, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. As always, the Lady With the Red Hair will be the instructor. You'll need to register for the class either using our online events calendar or by calling (317) 831-7323 (ask for Meghan). The cost is $10 per participant.

I am SO TOTALLY PUMPED about this basket-weaving workshop!  It will be fun, fun, fun!!!  You'll learn to make a neat, homemade basket all by yourselves, and you can fill it with kitty treats and give it to moi, as Cauli would say.  Nothing could be better!

[All right, Harley.  'Nuff said.  Better let Junior take over again.  --Cauli.]

Thanks, Cauli.  But Harley has a point.  It IS mighty exciting to think that you could learn to make a special gift for the holidays.  What says you care more than a unique creation you've made with your very own paws?

Space for the workshop is limited, so you'll want to sign-up early.  I think we have a photo of the basket you'll be making in the class.  Minions, make it so, as Cauli would say.

Click Image to Bigify

What's the basket called, you may ask?  So do we.  We forgot to ask the Lady With the Red Hair.  Check the comments to this posting to see if she tells us the name of this basket.  It has many uses, too!  Again, we forgot to ask.  But we hope she'll tell you in the comments.

[Editor's Note:  This is why they're "special correspondents."  --Cauli.]

It Makes a Great Gift, Anyway,

Junior & Harley
MPL Special Feline Correspondents
Arts & Crafts News Beat

P.S.  Actress and singer (1940s-1950s) Diana Decker recorded "Kitty in the Basket" in 1954 (or thereabouts).  Here's a puppet cover version.

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  1. The basket is just called Holiday Gift Basket. I love Harley's idea of filling it with kitty treats. I've got lots of special kitties in my life so I'll be making lots of baskets. TLWTRH


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