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Cauli Le Chat
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Second Goal Met, Thanks To You All

Remember back in the middle of February, 2012, when I listed my library work goals for the year?  Moi, neither.  But the handy blog search function soon refreshed my memory.  Turns out that goal #2 has been met sometime today.

By way of reminder, my three library goals were:

  • Goal #1:  Create my graphic novel
  • Goal #2:  Reach 100,000 viewings on my Cat's Eye View @ MPL blog.
  • Goal #3:  Make more live action, voice-over library videos

As the viewing counter on the right side of this blog attests, I have now had over 100,000 viewings.  Thanks to all my loyal readers who made this possible.  I literally could never have met this goal without you. That's way too many mouse clicks for moi.

How should we celebrate?  For moi, it's canned tuna-in-oil, of course. For you, well, that's up to you.  I recommend a high-priced dinner and somebody else picking up the check.  Minions, make it so.

As for the remaining two goals, things don't look too promising.  I wouldn't hold my breath, if I were you.  Just saying.

Still, reaching even one annual library goal is an achievement.  Scowl-Face is still working on his goals for 2007.  Again, don't hold your breath.

Hey, when someone sells 100,000 recording units, do they get a gold record?  I guess that's for 500,000 units sold.  Maybe I need a gold blog statue or something, Boss Lady?  Just saying.

I Truly Appreciate Everybody Who Reads My Blog,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Blog Statistics News Beat

P.S.  Speaking of statistics, here's a Pete Townshend tune, "Blue, Red and Grey," from the LP The Who By Numbers (1975).


  1. Concatulations on reaching 100,000 views! That is an awesome accomplishment!

  2. Congratulations Cauli... You do deserve a special dinner and a trophy! Although this is a few days belated; I presented Scowl Face with our MPL Royal Sword to Knight you as our Royal MPL Roving Repoter. It is on display in the Indiana Room. We shall schedule a ceremony, if we can "catch" you long enough to cast the blade upon you feline shoulders! A case of tuna in oil will be delivered to you to tease your taste buds! Hail to Cauli Le Cat for reaching your goal and a special thank you to all your loyal and royal followers!!!

    Boss Lady

    1. Whoops, I realized that I accidentally left out 'h' Cauli Le Chat... Please note somethings my human fingers have difficulty typing on the iPhone keyboard, or even worse, iPhone's tend to insert its own choice of words, which can be very embarrassing if we don't re-read or edit before hitting the sent button. I am sure you find the same issues with paw typing, too!


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