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Cauli Le Chat
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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Clear Your Cache

Kinda Looks Like Moi in My Kitten Days

When accessing the Library's new website, you may need to clear the memory cache and cookies in your web browser.  If you use Windows Internet Explorer versions 9 & 10, there's a helpful website that will walk you through the process.  If you use other Internet browsing software, click the handy help function and ask how your particular software does this operation.

My Minions Prefer Cash to Cache,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
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P.S.  Monty Python's Eric Idle created the definitive Beatles tribute/parody with his brilliant All You Need Is Cash (1978), a "mockumentary" of the prefab four, The Rutles.  In this clip from the TV special, The Rutles perform at "Che Stadium" (supposedly 1965) and perform the hit "It's Looking Good" from the (supposed) LP Rutles Soul.  For complete lyrics to the actual Rutles album (released in 1978 as a "companion" to the TV show and re-released on CD in 1990), click in the usual place.  Neil Innes (a Monty Python "extra" in 1974 and subsequently in the group's films) was heavily involved in the musical side of the "mockumentary."  There are loads of subtle jokes, like "Che" instead of "Shea" stadium (Che for Che Guevara) and Mick Jagger (of Rolling Stones fame) talking about seeing the Rutles there in concert.  Genuine Beatles fan video from the actual 1965 Shea Stadium performance is intermixed with the Rutles stage shots.

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