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Cauli Le Chat
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Monday, April 9, 2012

"Flat" Cauli V's Library Critter Tour

Morgan the Library Bunny (at Morgan County [Indiana] Public Library) (MCPL) had a grand suggestion after reading my blog post about "Flat" Cauli V's upcoming trip to visit Tober the Library Cat.  Morgan said Five should embark on a library critter tour.  Lots of libraries have resident critters, and Five should meet them.  Of course, this is what Browser the Library Cat's flat counterpart has been doing for over a year, but we think Browser would be down with our borrowing this great travel agenda.

After visiting Tober at Thorntown (Indiana) Public Library, Five plans to visit Morgan in Martinsville, Indiana, at the main MCPL branch.  Third on Five's itinerary will be Browser at Pine River (Minnesota) Public Library. Say, we haven't featured a Browser video yet.  Now is the time.

Browser the Library Cat Enjoys Some Snowfall
(Video courtesy of Pine River, MN Public Library)

Where will Five go after Browser?  We'll have to wait to see.  Wherever she'll be bound, Five will have a truly exciting worldwide adventure traveling to see other library critters.  I guess I'm a library critter, too, although technically I'm an outdoor feline that hangs out at MPL. Boss Lady doesn't allow me to stay inside because of patron allergies. Fortunately, what she doesn't know won't result in my "firement," as Tober would say.

But, first, there's the trip to Thorntown for which minions must prepare. Are those letters of introduction done yet, minions? Honestly!  Do I have to do everything moiself?

Glad There's No Snow Here Now,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
"Flat" Cauli Travel News Beat

P.S.  We didn't find any Morgan bunny videos on YouTube when we did a quick search, so let's reprise MCPL's summer reading promo trailer from last year.  Morgan gets a screen shout-out!  For more information about this year's teen programs at MCPL, visit the MCPL Teen Blog.


  1. I can't believe Browser let himself get snowed on!!! He must be a little bit of a wild guy.

  2. YES!!! I shall alert the libray mommies!


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