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Cauli Le Chat
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Red Shoe Diaries, Philadelphia Style

While not attending multitudinous meetings at the Public Library Association (PLA) national conference this week, Wild Thang and Boss Lady have been romping around Philadelphia doing the tourist thing.  They even found a place that matched Wild Thang's shoes.

Shouldn't Your Purse Match Your Shoes, Doors,
and Shutters, Wild Thang?  Just Asking

I'm not sure who initiated their visit to a Philly Confectionery Shoppe, but the outcome was, well, somewhat predictable.

That Tote Bag Looks Mighty Full to Moi

Personally, we felines are not huge chocolate fans--I think the V-E-T says it's bad for us and slobberdogs--but I know people LOVE it!  Especially girl people.  Just saying.  So I'm guessing that Boss Lady and Wild Thang will be needing a pick-moi-up during those long PLA workshops.  Quick energy food, so they say.

What do you think our adventurous duo will be duoing?  (Get it?  Not "doing," but "duoing"!  Okay, that's a pretty lame joke.)  Well, whatever is on their agenda, I can bet it will involve two things:

  • Food, and
  • More food.

Not a bad thing at all, I'd venture.  Of course, they'll be attending all that PLA stuff, but that's mostly not about food, but I'm sure it has its place.  In-between meals and snacks, for instance.

What Are You Bringing Moi From Philly?  Just Asking,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
PLA News Beat

P.S.  Bruce Springsteen wrote "Streets of Philadelphia" (1993) for the soundtrack to the movie Philadelphia (1993), for which Tom Hanks won an Academy Award for best actor.  Springsteen also won an Oscar for Best Song.  Here is the official music video.


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