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Cauli Le Chat
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hot Enough For Old Settlers

The Old Settlers Picnic, Parade, and Festival at Pioneer Park in Mooresville, Indiana, is scheduled this year for Sunday through Tuesday, August 5-6-7, 2012.  It's only just the first few days of Spring in March, but it feels hot enough for Old Settlers in August.  (Here in Indiana we've been having record-setting high temperatures in the 80-plus degrees Fahrenheit for about a week.)  So I might as well announce the dates for Old Settlers, since we're talking about it, and folks like to plan ahead for this, my hometown's biggest of all annual bigbashes.

New to Old Settlers?  We have a video for that.

Actually, we have two videos.  Guess I should have warned you sooner.

Actually, I think it's way cool that the Library's Composer wrote the music to "Old Settlers," the unofficial town song of Mooresville, Indiana. The Lyrics were written by the Lady With the Red Hair and Scowl-Face. There are, like, five verses--plus as many refrains--which extoll the virtues of our fair community and its storied past.  Want to read them?  You know where to click.

Although I won't be at the Library's booth at Old Settlers (crowds spook moi, and, anyway, I'll be doing the roving reporter thing), you will definitely want to drop by for our free Library Centennial Celebratory Stuff.  We always have bags full of neat giveaway doodads.

Hope It's Cooler in August Than It Is Now,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Old Settlers News Beat

P.S.  Scowl-Face was inspired to write "Old Settlers" from the refrain of "Two Good Men," by Woody Guthrie, which was recorded during the famous Asch Sessions (1944).  Canadian folk/country legend Gordon Lightfoot once observed that "Woody is everywhere, in every [folk singer's] work."  If you're going to be inspired by folk music, why not the best?

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