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Cauli Le Chat
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Drawing OOEE Chicksoons

Now that baby chicks have left MPL Youth Services for fostering, it sure has been quiet in there.  Well, we still have squealing youngster humans stampeding all around the place, but we felines get used to that, eventually.  The chicks were rather vocal, and the absence of their chirping and cheeping makes for a deafening silence.

Today's Jan Brett Email Newsletter

Fortunately, world-famous children's author and illustrator Jan Brett has our backs.  In today's email newsletter from Ms. Brett, we can learn how to draw (wait for it . . .)  baby chicks!  How timely is that?  We can just hear Sammy the Toucan going bonkers about it.

Drawing chicksoons is fairly easy.  All you have to do is draw an egg.  But it becomes much more challenging once the chicksoons are OOEE (out-of-egg-experiencers).  Then you need to know some true artistic moves.  Enter Jan Brett, who knows exactly what you should do.

We recently posted a blog review (and book trailer) of The Mitten, a children's classic by Jan Brett, so everything is coming together quite nicely here.

Visit Jan Brett's web page for chick drawing to learn more cool drawing techniques.  The author/illustrator also gives some tips to draw bunnies (Morgan the Library Bunny, take note) and dolphins.

Hey, Broadway Gal, here's a thought:  Why not have a chick-drawing contest for Wild Thang's early literacy crowd?  Could be fun.

When all our chick brood return to the Library from fostering, they'll be adolescent chicks.  Look out, Savvy.  They'll take over the YAZ for sure.

Hope Cauli Le Poussin is Fostering Okay,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Chicksoon Art News Beat

P.S.  Sorry, Junior of Junior's Farm.  Once again, I've taken over your news beat.  Have a tin of shrimpers on moi.

P.P.S.  Japanese songs describing how to draw animals or characters are called Ekaki Uta.  Here is a short example for the character Doraemon, a 22nd-century robotic feline (manga series created by Fujiko Fujio [actually, a manga artistic duo] in 1969).  I have no idea what the vocalist is saying, so I'm trusting it's about drawing this figure.

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