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Cauli Le Chat
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Flat" Dovydas Drops By

We are all pretty excited about "Flat" Dovydas Balčiūnas coming to visit our favorite Library.  Dovydas, who hails from Lukšiai, Lithuania, sent his flat counterpart to America, and he decided to drop by to say hello.

"Flat" Dovydas Balčiūnas

Dovydas read the "Flat Stanley" books at Vincas Grybas Gymnasium, the school he attends.  So Dovydas decided to send a "flat" version of himself through the mails to explore the world.  Included was a travel log with some great photos.  Click to "bigify" the images, as my pal Tober the Library Cat would say.

"Flat" Dovydas' Travel Log

Dovydas' Greetings From Lithuania

"Flat" Dovydas began his adventures by doing some sightseeing around Lukšiai.  Looks like he enjoyed the sights.

"Flat" Dovydas in the Park

"Flat" Dovydas on his way again in the mails!

We started "Flat" Dovydas' visit by giving him the grand tour of my Library.  Here he is with our own "Flat" Cauli II and one of our stuffed slobberdogs.  (I explained to "Flat" Dovydas that I call all dogs "slobberdogs," because they slobber, especially when they're hungry or excited.  But that's okay.  I get excited at mealtimes, too.)

"Flat" Dovydas, Slobberdog, and "Flat" Cauli II
Enjoying the Faux Fireplace by the Library Entrance

We toured the entire Library, going first through our Youth Services Department, the YAZ (Young Adult Zone), computer lab, mini-lab, and our grown-up fiction and nonfiction collections.  We ended in our Indiana Room, which I call the Roving Reporter Room, because I like to curl up there to take a catnap.

"Flat" Dovydas with Cauli Le Chat enjoying a ride
on the MPL Youth Services hobby horse

"Flat" Dovydas selecting a library book

 I'll post some more photos later.  Stay tuned!

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
"Flat" Stanley News Beat

P.S.  Valentinas Bagdonas (1929-2009) wrote over 800 musical compositions.  He was credited as having been the first Lithuanian composer to create concertos for English horn, birbynė, and trumpet. Many of his works were for children.  Here is part one of Bagdonas' Piano Concerto No. 1.

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