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Cauli Le Chat
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Monday, November 7, 2011

"Flat" Cauli II on the Seven Seas

"Flat" Cauli II has returned from her cruise with Boss Lady on the Seven Seas (not the salad dressing), but I've not received a captain's log yet about the trip.  So far, Boss Lady has sent moi just one photo of "Flat" Cauli II in her cabin resting on a comfortable-looking bunk.

"Flat" Cauli II Resting in Her Cabin
(But Where's Boss Lady Going to Sleep?  Just Asking)

Since it's a distance shot, you might have trouble spotting "Flat" Cauli.  A quick edit should help.

Maybe "Flat" Cauli II secured a rollaway bed for Boss Lady.  We Caulis, "flat" or otherwise, don't like to be crowded when we're cat-napping.

Nice of Boss Lady to engage a security dude to keep "Flat" Cauli II from being overrun by legions of my fans.  He looks plenty tough, so I bet no paparazzi messed with him.  (Hey, paparazzi, you can plunk down your dollar for a pawtographed photo of yours truly, just like every other journalist.  Regular folks get them free.)  It's nice to be guarded when you're a celebrity.

Boss Lady is busy today, what with a library board meeting to wrangle tonight and all the catch-up work to do, so she'll probably submit her travel reports to moi later in the week.  Slack I can cut, especially to a colleague who signs my pay vouchers.

Looking Forward to Hearing All About "Flat" Cauli II's Adventures,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
"Flat" Cauli News Beat

P.S.  Thinking of sailing the ocean blue reminded me of "Ride Captain Ride," by Blues Image, from the group's album, Open (1970).  Here we see and hear the original 45 r.p.m. "single" version.  Sadly, it was the group's first, and only, pop chart hit.

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