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Cauli Le Chat
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Spookersnout Invades My Garage

Thanks to Kindly Couple, I have a place (among several in the neighborhood) to crash when I'm tuckered out from all this roving reporting.  Hanging out around the outside of the Library is fine, but I like a comfortable, dry place to snooze.  Inside the Library is ideal, but Boss Lady worries that our people patrons have allergies, so I have to sneak inside now and again when she's having OOLEs (out-of-library-experiences).  By the way, Library colleagues, you need to stock the fridge in the staff room with more kitty delicacies. Whatever was in those plastic containers didn't look or smell appetizing at all. Just saying.

Kindly Couple has a garage that is moderately clean, dry, and cool (when it's hot outside) or warm (when it isn't).  Several of my feline pals also spend their nights safely secured in the garage.  You know one of them, because she's one of my special correspondents (Jules Le Chat), plus two others who comprise part of Feline Enforcers XIV.

Last Thursday, we had an uninvited guest.

Teenage Spookersnout

We've had some close encounters with spookersnouts before, but they have always been outdoors adventures.  This time, a young spookersnout squeezed under the garage door, which had been open a few inches to circulate some fresh air.  We discovered the invader early in the evening, and after opening the door to allow it to escape, Kindly Couple made a bunch of noise and it presumably vacated the premises.  Neither Jules Le Chat nor Frisky, whose German aristocratic name is Viskar Kitten (I'm serious), were particularly concerned about the spookersnout.

Well, yesterday, when Kindly Couple prepared to clean the garage, they encountered some unusual poop on the floor (Viskar is sometimes litterbox-forgetful, so poop piles are an occasional walking hazard), but they assumed it was feline-produced.  Not so!  Behind the pooper scooper was the teenage spookersnout, huddled in a garage corner!  This would have terrified many humans and even some cats, but Kindly Couple are made of sterner stuff, and so they bolted into action, mushing the spookersnout with a broom out the garage door and into the nearby woods.  It was a harrowing experience, and, sadly, I didn't have my digital camera with me at the time, so we don't have accompanying photos (other than the one I borrowed from Google Images above).

The garage kitty door is now closed, and the door completely shut, for the duration of Fall, probably.  We can't be having spookersnouts lounging around our kitty headquarters.  It disrupts our card games.  (Slobberdogs on velvet drawings playing cards are only half the picture.  You don't see any velvet artwork of cats playing cards, because we have taste.)

Spookersnout Poo Is a Nasty Business, Make No Mistake,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Wild Animal News Beat

P.S.  Rachel Nelson must like spookersnouts.  "The Possum Song" is the lead track to her album, 'I'm Awesome!" Said the Possum (2004), which is available through CDBaby and, among other online sellers.  No video is available, but you may listen to a snippet of the song by clicking here (or by clicking the hyperlinks to CDBaby and Amazon above).  Amazing thing, digital sound recordings.  Thomas Alva Edison probably never imagined this possibility when he perfected the phonograph in 1877.

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  1. Oh, ick. You definitely don't want those guys invading your garage.

    I hear they cheat at cards.


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