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Cauli Le Chat
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BigBash Fundraising Bookmark

Remember when I blogged about the bigbash library fundraiser at Zydeco's Restaurant on Wednesday, August 3, 2011?  Boss Lady wanted a bookmark to distribute to our patrons.  Make it so, I said, but not back to Boss Lady; I've got minions, you know.

In a flash, we had bookmarks!.

MPL Bookmark: Zydeco's Fundraising Night

The best part of the bookmark is on the back (p. 2), which is my part, of course.

Great work, Minions!  Here's a treat.  It's not so stale.  Try pouring some water over it.  Works for slobberdog gravy chow.

Where's My Seafood Dinner, Zydeco's?  Just Asking,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Fundraising News Beat

P.S.  "The Fishin' Hole" (1960), which was the theme song to The Andy Griffith Show, had lyrics, although viewers never heard them (the only vocal part was whistled.)  The music was composed by Earle Hagen and Herbert Spencer; the lyrics were written by Everett Sloane.  (Earle Hagen performed the whistling.)  Here is Andy Griffith himself singing the lyrics to what is probably the most famous television theme song of all time.


  1. I love that theme, and it is great to hear Sheriff Taylor sing the true lyrics! Awesome, Cauli!

  2. Fantastic bookmarks Cauli :)


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