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Cauli Le Chat
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Calling a Time Out! Huddle Up!

Some of my Library colleagues have been forgetting to clock-in and clock-out using our relatively new computer timekeeping software.  It's run on a PC in Office Boss's office (say that really fast a few times--it's fun!)

Time Clock Computer

Payor Pal tells me that it is simple to use, provided you don't play too rough with the mouse (I like to chase it and pounce on it!).  The screen seems simple enough.

What Could Be Easier Than This?

The problem, my sources tell moi, is that staffers sometimes forget to clock-in and/or clock-out.  Payor Pal even put out this cute inflatable reminder in front of Office Boss's office door (still hard to say fast several times).

Payor Pal's Inflatable Reminder to Clock-In/Out

It's a microphone and a feather boa.  Don't ask.  (Watch this if you really want to know.)

Looks like my colleagues need somewhat stronger reminders to do the inning and outing business.  It seems pretty straightforward to me.  Felines always want out when they're inside, or vice versa.  We are said to be "always on the wrong side of a door," according to Gramps G-Man.  So I'm down with the ins and outs of clocking.  But what about my human buddies?  How may I help them remember?

We have lots of timely reminders scattered around the building.

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?  (Ask Chicago)

What if we made hats out of those two round clocks?  How about necklaces?  Wait, that probably wouldn't work.  People already wear clocks on their wrists, and that doesn't remind them about the computer clocking.  So what would be an effective reminder?

The Lady With the Red Hair, who majored in sociology in college, tells me that a system of behavioral reinforcement based upon rewards or punishments is an effective way to train a person's memory.  Rewards work best when the subject can anticipate receiving an immediate gratification following a desired behavioral performance.  How could we put this sort of thing into practice?  I've got it!
Reward for Desired Behavior (Clocking on PC)

Placement of Reward in Proximity to
Performance Location

What better incentive could anyone ask for?  Problem solved!  Those cans of tuna-in-oil, by the way, are my consulting fee.

Glad to Help My Library Colleagues,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Ivan Petrovich Pavlov Journalist of the Moment

P.S.  Here is some timely music that I hope you'll enjoy.  Our book trailer for The 13 Clocks, by James Thurber, features as its soundtrack "Melted Clocks" by Danny Buckley (from the CD The Persistence of Memory [2011]).

In this 1969 video, Chicago (the band, not the city) performed "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is," from their debut album, Chicago Transit Authority (1968).  (Thanks to the Lady With the Red Hair for this timely suggestion.)

Anybody who listened to alternative rock radio (or, really, any rock radio) during the past decade must have heard "Clocks," by Coldplay, from the CD A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002).


  1. Scowl-Face insists that I say that inclusion of any photographs showing name brands is NOT to be construed as an endorsement of any products or services.

  2. Agree with Broadway Gal. Good tune from Coldplay. Love your collection of clocks at Moorseville!


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