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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bunny Blogger

Have you met Morgan, the Library Bunny at Morgan County Public Library (MCPL)?  Followers of The Bunny Blog can keep up with Morgan's adventures and learn what's happening at the "other" libraries in Morgan County, Indiana.  Morgan also has amassed a following on Facebook, as described below (courtesy of MCPL's Home Page):

Morgan, the Library Bunny now has her own page on Facebook. Be her friend and she'll keep you up to date on her hectic life as the official library bunny as well as all the fun events going on in the children's department. Click here to be her friend, or visit Facebook and search for Morgan Librarybunny

Now that Morgan and MCPL are members of the Evergreen Indiana (E.I.) statewide integrated library system, Morgan County Evergreen cardholders may check out materials from other E.I. consortium libraries, such as  Mooresville Public Library (MPL) (MY library!), as well as Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library, Greenwood Public Library, Thorntown Public Library (where Tober the Library Cat lives), and many others.  For a current list of E.I. libraries, visit the Indiana State Library E.I. web site.

Morgan brings a fresh perspective to the MCPL web world.  Librarians, of course, know tons of stuff and help people patrons by providing an impressive range of services, but it takes a critter's viewpoint to really liven things up.  We look forward to reading more of Morgan's insights and observations and wish her success as fame and fortune (well, fame, anyway) will invariably reward her blogs and Facebook musings.

Bunnies are peculiar critters.  They run really fast, which makes them tough to catch if you're a kitty or a slobberdog.  But they are cute, sweet, and cuddly, according to the humans who keep rabbits as pets.  Much has been made of the predator-prey relationship between felines and leporids, but, truth be told, we all get along famously.  With human caregivers, who needs to hunt, anyway?

Bunny Books Galore

There are as many books about bunnies as there are bunnies out there!  My favorites are:

  • Watership Down, by Richard Adams;
  • The Bunny Book, by Patsy Scarry & Richard Scarry; and
  • The Velveteen Rabbit, by Margery Williams
Our library has created book trailers (below) describing these wonderful works:

Watership Down, recommended for readers ages 10 and older.

The Bunny Book, recommended for preschool readers.

The Velveteen Rabbit, recommended for preschool and early elementary school readers (grades K to 2).

If you like bunnies and have kiddy people in your household, you should enjoy reading these books.

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