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Cauli Le Chat
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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Collection Development, Gen Con Style

When Technigal attended the recent Gen Con convention in Indianapolis last month, she met many interesting and talented people.  She's pretty talented herself, being a writer (well and truly) as well as a librarian, and she's no slouch in the interest department, either.  Like attracts like, so it's no surprise that she hung out with clever dudes.

One such sharp fella she met at Gen Con was (still is, I'll venture) a sci-fi/fantasy/adventure author.  If you haven't yet heard of Hugo V. Negron, trust moi, you soon will.  Like, immediately, when you play our book trailer below.

MPL Book Trailer #176A
Forging of a Knight, by Hugo V. Negron
(Soundtrack Version One)

MPL Book Trailer #176B
Forging of a Knight, by Hugo V. Negron
(Soundtrack Version Two)

Sometimes, when Scowl-Face can't decide which of the Music Man's original compositions to use as a video soundtrack, he makes duplicate versions, each with different music.  See which one you like best!

Of course, you should also watch the author's book trailer, if you want to see how the pros make these things.

If you enjoy fantasy adventure stories, then you'll love this novel. Knighthood.  Quests.  Lots of heroic excitement. Good versus evil. Suspense.  Thrills.  Moral ambiguity.  Friendship. Trust.  Betrayal.  Bizarre creatures.  Hand-to-hand combat.  You know the drill.

Mr. Negron sent Technigal a free copy of his novel (first in the series) for our library collection.  Pretty generous!  It's a solid collection development strategy, to be sure.  Now our patrons may enjoy a fine novel without spending library tax revenues.  Win-win, I'd wager.

Your Roving Reporter On The Go,

Cauli Le Chat

P.S.  A live version of "Conquistador," by Procol Harum, appeared on the group's "Best of" LP (1972), but a studio version originally appeared on the self-titled debut album (1967). Knights and armor and all that jazz.

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