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Cauli Le Chat
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Monday, May 20, 2013

At Least You Can Eat Strawberries

Today (May 20) is Be a Millionaire Day, as well as Pick Strawberries Day.  I go for the strawberries.  At least you can eat them.  That's a whole lot more likely than your becoming a millionaire.  Moi, too, for that matter.

Striking oil with an old rifle?  Come on!
(Not Like James Dean in Giant, that's for sure)

Not that I'm opposed to becoming a millionaire.  If it worked for Jed Clampett, then why not this feline roving reporter?  Not much "bubblin' crude" around my neighborhood, though, so I suppose I'll have to make my millions by being extremely witty and massively cute.  Cuteness comes naturally to us felines; wit is a tougher nut, but only because people have so much trouble interpreting our verbalizations.

Steer Clear of Any I've Chewed Upon, Pretty Much

If you belong to the same generation as Scowl-Face and the Lady With the Red Hair, you'll have fond memories of strawberry picking along railroad tracks and in patches scattered around the countryside.  It was a rite of passage for many human kids.  We felines who favor strawberries would give them a chew while they're still attached to the vine or bush or whatever they're growing upon.  For some reason, people don't approve of that practice, but I can't see why.  Just adds some sweetness, I'd venture.

Be a millionaire if you can today.  Or pick some strawberries, if you live in the right climate.  You could always visit your friendly grocery.  Works for my minions.

Your Roving Reporter On The Go,

Cauli Le Chat

P.S.  Here's James Dean's wildcatter character [in the movie Giant (1956)] striking oil and then giving Rock Hudson's wealthy, landowning character his comeuppance.  That looks like Jed Clampett's truck from the TV series The Beverly Hillbillies (1962-1971), but I'm sure it's not.  This millionaire business can be kinda rough.

P.P.S.  Listen to part of Woody Guthrie's interview talking about the Texas Oil Field Boom.  The recording was included on the Library of Congress Recordings.  It's just a short clip.  You'll have to buy the complete interview (MP3 or the CD) to hear the complete interview.

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  1. It's also National Quiche Lorraine Day. Not the cartoon character from "Bloom County," I'm guessing.


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