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Cauli Le Chat
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sammy the Toucan's New YouTube Channel

Sammy the Toucan, ex-early literacy winged dinner spokescritter at my Library, who is now corduroy journalist at the Indiana State Library (ISL), has a new YouTube Channel, Sammy's Literary Interviews.  Closer scrutiny reveals that it is Broadway Gal's old YouTube Channel with a new star and title.  With a big-name celebrity like Sammy at the helm, viewership should be immediately cloud-bound.  Not that Broadway Gal couldn't attract viewers, as she's quite the celebrity in the Hoosier library world, but, let's face it, Sammy has enormous star power, and being a corduroy journalist opens interviewing doors.  It's the same principle as being a feline roving reporter like moi.

Click the hyperlink below the screenshot to jump to Sammy's YouTube Channel.  Then you may watch many interviews with famous (and upcoming) authors, celebrities, and cool library types.  Well worth the price of admission.

Want to see a sample?  Sure you do.

Sammy the Toucan interviews Peter Bromberg,
a Keynote Speaker at the 2012 ILF Conference

The Indiana Library Federation (ILF) annual conference, which was held this week in Indianapolis, is a really big deal.  It must be--I was featured in a workshop at the 2011 ILF bigbash in Fort Wayne.

Enjoy Sammy's literary interviews.  They're a hoot, and Sammy's a toucan, not an owl.  Neat trick, I'd venture.

Have ISL Buy You a Nice Video Camera Like Ours, Sammy -- Just Saying,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Spokescritter News Beat

P.S.  In this video, Sammy interviewed famous author Mike Mullin.  In the video summary, Sammy is characterized as "the terrifying corduroy toucan from Indiana."  Not sure I'd have chosen "terrifying" as my adjective, but, hey, it's a marketing thing.

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